Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edwards Attacks Clinton. Clinton is Pissed.

One of the highlights of last night's debate:

There was some questions before the debate began on what Edwards strategy would be. Would he attack Obama or Clinton. Well that question was answered pretty early on: It was Clinton from the beginning to the end.

His strategy, and I think it is a sound one, is to align himself with Obama and tout their message of change and Hilary as, he said last night, "the forces of status quo." He wants people to think of him in the same vein they think of Obama and hopefully that's enough to beat Clinton in new Hampshire and help to push her out of the race.

This is Clinton's response to Edward's attack. Not her finest moment.

He pushed her buttons and rattled the hell out of her. There's a shot of him looking smug at what he's accomplished and he should be proud, Clinton was angry and on the defensive. It wasn't good. Not good at all.

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The Breaking Point said...

I need Clinton to stop acting like a bia bia and remember that she is running for president, not precinct captain.