Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama - No Longer a Candidate for President Now a Full Blown Movement for Change

If you're wondering how he did it in Iowa and how he just may do it in New Hampshire...well....

Now that's a campaign commercial. The man has managed to tap into the hopes and desires of ALL Americans and you know what I fully believe the fact that he is bi-racial is probably more of a help then a hindrance at this point.

I mean he is the walking representation of what it mean for people with major differences to "come together." (So far) He has done what I thought was impossible: Get White folk to see past his black skin.

Impressive. Impressive indeed.


plez... said...

thanks for sharing, literally... after seeing your post about this ad, i added the commercial to a post on plezWorld!

i really like the flow of your blog and would love to swap BlogRoll links so that i can remember to come back here on a regular basis... thanks again!

clnmike said...

Yeah Obama has made a believer out of me. The way he ran away with Iowa shook me.

clnmike said...

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