Saturday, October 13, 2007

So GH Came... about a week ago. Last Sunday in fact. It was nice having him over. He hadn't been over since the first night I'd moved into my new place. It was funny because he started making the, "I wanna have sex with you motions," and I pointed out that that ship had sailed. No more entering my port baby. LOL.

He seemed a bit surprised and tried to convince me to aid him in getting him off--which he proclaimed was not sexual in the least. Yeah whatever. I let him know the last time we had sex was really the last time. He took it all in stride though. It was all rather comical.

He came by again Wednesday to borrow five dollars and I looked at him and said, "Oh damn you're cute." LOL. It also made me realize that while I'm over GH I'll never really be over GH. LOL. Sigh. it is what it is.

The next day, Thursday I call him to see if he could take me to Target. He answers the phone and I'm thinking he's sleep 'cause his voice is all heavy. Turns out his cousin had died and he'd gotten the news 5am that morning. What I thought was sleep was actually tears. Caught me by surprise. I tried calling him last night to see how he was doing but he didn't answer. I'll probably try again today. I'm a little worried about him. He's lost a lot of people in the last year. What can I say...he's my friend. And I care. And honestly...there's no shaking the boy.

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