Saturday, October 13, 2007

So I Just...

...finished texting with The Body. If you don't remember or know who The Body is you can read about him here and here. The funny part about all of this is I haven't talked to him in AGES. I saw him once, briefly, when I was going jogging and he was headed to campus (we live in the same complex). That's it.

Mind you this dude has shown me he is a spoiled brat on more then one occasion. And he stood me up when I asked him to help me move. Basically what happened was the person who was supposed to help me move couldn't 'cause I was moving later then was originally anticipated. All my other options had fallen through and as a last minute shot I text The Body to see if he could do it. He said yeah. But when it came time to move he kept pushing the time back till finally he was like hit him up at 10:45pm and then he could move me. WTF?

So I said forget about it. Eventually my Godsister helped me move. But yeah that was the last time I really had any dealings with him. Anyway tonight at around 2:20 he texts me asking me if I was home. Eventually he gets around to asking me what he really wants: Sex. I'm like, Naw. Well he proceeds to tell me we have different personalities, and he knew we both liked sex and he was just trying to keep it real...yada, yada, yada. I in turn offered to be friends. He basically declined. LOL.

To make a long story short, when it became clear that I wasn't interested in sleeping with him, he tells me how he was only trying to see if he should keep my number in his phone and he can see that he no longer has a use for it. WOW. My feelings are SO HURT. BOO HOO!

Dudes kill me. Why is he calling me? We hooked up a couple times a while back. He's hot. I call him The Body for a reason so I'm sure he can get laid anytime by anybody. So what's the deal? What 'cause he's so built I'm supposed to forget the standing me up and the acting like a spoiled brat? Please. Negro Please.

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