Monday, July 23, 2007

I Swear Men...

...are some territorial, sensitive ass bastards.


Explain the following:

1. Are you seriously trying me with the "I'm not going to kiss you" shit? Really? You kissed me before but when I tried to kiss you last night you kept pulling away.

Note to you: The quickest way to end up out of my bed is to play that no kissing game. I am not a whore so quit trying to treat me like one.

2. If you aren't asking me out on a date...then why are you concerned about someone else asking me out on a date? Hell. Better yet if we are NOT a couple, then why do you care if I am seeing someone else or not?

Dudes claim that girls don't know how to separate sex and love. That we are always catching feelings. That we always want to mark our territory. Always trying to claim a Nigger...etc.

Well NOT ME! Hell. I don't ask questions I don't want answers too. If I say I'm just looking to kick it, then I'm just looking to kick it. If we're not together, regardless of how I feel about you, I assume you're seeing other people. Shit, I am.

The way I see it, it's time for dudes to start taking a page out of my book and quit acting like women are the only ones that need to learn to mind their own damn business and how to keep their feelings in check.

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