Monday, July 23, 2007


....this is something that has been bugging me for a long time. Ever since the actual event ended a couple of weeks ago. So here goes..

Is it just me or did the Live Earth concerts seem like the biggest waste of energy/natural resources imaginable?


I mean think about all the oil it took to move all of those people and equipment around. Think of all the exhaust and wasted gas from the planes, trains and automobiles (buses) that carted all those entertainers, their bands, their staff and their stuff around the globe.

I thought the idea of the event was to raise awareness of the damage we are doing to the earth and all the horrors (peak oil, global warming, water scarcity) that face us because of our hard consuming, non conservationist ways.

And the best way we think of to bring attention to this horror of horrors is to consume even more energy/natural resources?

And that somehow makes sense?

The Live Earth concerts are a lot like our obsession with ethanol and electric cars. In our attempt to seem "green" and conservationist we create new ways to run our automobiles.

However, we don't seem to understand (at least us Americans anyway) is that the question isn't how we're going to keep our cars running but how are we going to live without our cars.

Throwing a bunch of concerts filled with really famous acts isn't going to educate people about the need for changing our ways where Mother Earth is concerned.

Lobbying apathetic governments and politicians in not so subtle ways will.

If Live Earth is the best effort we can mount to save what is ultimately ALL of our home then it is a sad (and hopeless) day indeed.

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IdentityQuest said...

I'm glad you wrote this. I just hope others will be too.