Saturday, November 15, 2014

Burn 2000 Calories with this Power Walking Workout


Winter time can be hell on a running/walking workout if you’re used to working out outside. And for those of you ladies with hair concerns, the wetness of the winter time ain’t exactly encouraging you to go exercising outdoors either.

I’m always really impressed when I see the pics of Ms. Tracy running around out there in the snow. Lord knows it couldn’t be me. It hits 40 degrees ’round here (I’m in Florida) I”m like, “Hmm…looks like I’ll be jumping rope today.” The cold on my native Floridian behind is no joke.

So that brings me to today’s post – a walking workout on a treadmill that will have you burning 2000 calories – becasue the best way to avoid those winter workout blues is to get thee on treadmill. Be it one at home or in the gym, the treadmill is a great way to avoid freezing your bullocks off in the name of staying fit.

Here’s the week long workout:


  • Power walk: 30 minutes

  • Strength-train: 20 minutes
Total: 50 minutes


  • Warm up: Walk easily, then briskly: 3 minutes

  • Power walk: 2 minutes

  • Run fast (but don’t sprint): 2 minutes

  • Repeat Steps 1 & 2: 10 times

  • Cool down: Walk easily: 2 minutes
Total: 45 minutes


  • Warm Up: Walk easily: 5 minutes

  • Do your favorite strength-training move: 12 reps

  • Power walk at 4% to 6% incline: 3 minutes

  • Repeat Steps 1 & 2: 6 times

  • Cool down: Walk easily: 5 minutes
Total: 40 minutes


  • Warm Up: Walk easily, then briskly: 3 minutes

  • Power walk: 2 minutes

  • Run fast (but don't sprint): 2 minutes

  • Repeat Steps 1 & 2: 6 times

  • Cool down: Walk easily: 3 minutes
Total: 30 minutes


  • Repeat Monday's routine


  • Warm Up: Walk easily, then briskly: 5 minutes

  • Power walk: 2 minutes

  • Run fast (but don't sprint): 4 minutes

  • Repeat Steps 1 & 2: 6 times

  • Cool Down: Walk easily: 4 minutes
Total: 45 minutes


  • Rest

Sunday, November 09, 2014

18 Weight Loss Tips to Live and Lose By

SPP Wieght Loss

There's so much information out there on what it takes to lose weight, that it all becomes information overload after awhile. It can be very easy to toss your hands up and say "Forget it!," not knowing which way to turn, which tips to use and which to discard. Well, we completely understand the frustration. We get just as frustrated with all the dos, don'ts and maybes of weight loss, and what this expert has to say vs. the next expert and her recommendations.

So to help make your (and our) life easier we've compiled a very thorough list of all the best weight loss tips we've read over the years. These are practical tips that are often very easy to implement, but still yield amazing results. We want you to succeed and the easier it is to know what you should be doing, versus what you don't have to worry about or shouldn't be doing, the better.
weight loss tip read labels

Tip 1: Read and Understand Labels

If you don't understand what's on the labels...don't buy it. If you're serious about your weight loss then you're going to have to be able to read and understand lables. Serving size, calories, no-sugar added and fat grams are all terms you're going to have become familiar with. You need to know what you're buying and ultimately what you're putting into tour body. It's not all as simple as it seems and if you're eating blindly how are you ever going to take control of your weight and your overall health.

Tip 2: Have Whipped Cream as a Snack

Got a nagging sweet tooth? Want to keep the fat and calories at a minimum? Freeze a container of lite whipped topping and you'll satisfy a craving for ice cream. Add sugar-free chocolate syrup and a cherry for that extra "oomph"!

Tip 3 Replace a Meal with Cereal

Replace a meal with cereal. Studies have shown that people who replace either lunch or dinner with cereal, lose more weight over the long haul then those who don’t. People who use cereal as a meal replacement eat fewer calories and learn portion control as well.

Tip 4: Make Water Your Primary Drink

weight loss tip drink water
After breakfast, make water your primary drink. At breakfast, go ahead and drink orange juice. But throughout the rest of the day, focus on water instead of juice or soda. The average American consumes an extra 245 calories a day from soft drinks. That's nearly 90,000 calories a year -- or 25 pounds! And research shows that despite the calories, sugary drinks don't trigger a sense of fullness the way that food does.

Tip 5: Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Tip: Don’t compare yourself to others. Every body is different. It stands to reason that everybody will lose weight differently. Even if you do the exact same things that I do, you won’t lose weight at the same rate. The key is in finding your triggers. Keep your goal in sight, and do whatever you have to do to meet that goal. When you start looking at another person's habits, you’re only going to become discouraged and quit without even realizing that it’s physically impossible to be anybody but yourself.

Tip 6: Set Your Dieting Rules

Set your dieting rules. What are dieting rules? Dieting rules are a set of guidelines that you will follow to help you achieve your weight loss goals and hopefully, by the time you’ve reached your goal weight, they become habits and an everyday part of your life.

On average you have to do something 17 times before it becomes a habit. 17. So don’t think you’re just going to wake up one morning, decide you’re gonna lose weight and all your old habits will just fall by the wayside. No, you have give yourself a set of rules to follow to make that transition possible. And remember these have to be things you can live with FOR LIFE. Not just something you’re doing until you get fit into the little black dress.
weight loss tip weight yourself

Tip 7: Weight Yourself Daily

I know many nutritionists, dietitians and what not say "Don't be a slave to the scale." And that's good advice for when you first start losing weight. Those first couple of weeks of weight loss can be frustrating. You can go up and down, or not move at all. It is easy to get discouraged. So yes, during those early weeks of weight loss I would (if you can) keep your weigh-ins to once a week.

However, once you lose the weight, weighing yourself everyday becomes a necessity. Some of us become slack once we reach are goal weight. We go back to our bad habits that made us fat to begin with. We don't notice how our skinny jeans are getting tighter, or how are middle tends to be expanding, and the next thing we know what was probably a five pound gain turns into a twenty pound gain and we're right back where we started.

For some of us, without a constant reminder of our weight, we will always put the weight back on. Weighing yourself everyday will help you maintain your weight. If you see the scale creeping up then you know you need to makes some changes either by exercising more or eating less. If hitting your goal weight and maintaining your goal weight is a priority to you then becoming cozy with your scale is the best way to make that happen.

Tip 8: Drink Hot Water

Drinking hot water as appose to cold water can increase the speed of your metabolism and burn more calories.

Tip 9: Don't Skip Breakfast

You would have gone hours without eating since the previous night, hence eating breakfast would not decrease your tendency to overeat later during the day.

Tip 10: Eat More Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains

weight loss tip eat more fiber
People who eat healthy, mostly unprocessed foods, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and limited amounts of lean animal protein, often find that they can eat as much as they want without gaining weight. If they are switching from a diet containing lots of processed foods, they find that they can eat more yet consume fewer calories -- and they lose weight.

Tip 11: More Muscle = More Calories Burned

The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you will burn. This is why world class weight lifters must eat thousands of calories a day to maintain their weight. Muscle is active tissue, fat is not. Thus, muscle "burns" a significant number of calories each day for its own maintenance. In her book Strong Women Stay Slim, Miriam Nelson, a Tufts University researcher, showed that a group of women who followed a weight loss diet and did weight training exercises lost 44% more fat than those who only followed the diet. While aerobic activity can help burn calories, muscle's where it's at when it comes to giving your metabolism a significant daily boost even at rest.

Tip 12: Try Portion Control - It Works

One the easiest and least painful ways to get your diet started is to use portion control. So often, in much of diet literature, portion control is overlooked or not discussed seriously. Many “experts” claim that it’s too hard and the everyday individual is loathe to practice it because of its difficulty. The reality is portion control is quite easy and if you follow a few simple steps you can be on your way to a slimmer waistline:

  1. Fix your plate the way you normally would. Pile the food on. Don’t worry about whether you’re putting too much on your plate, just follow your normal routine.

  2. When you’re done take half the food off your plate and put in a container for later.

  3. Eat the half you have left.

  4. After you finish eating, wait 10 minutes and if you still feel hungry go and get the food that you put away and take half of that, put it on your plate and eat it.

  5. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Try it for a week. After the first couple of days you probably won’t even need that second helping and my guess is, by the end of the week, you may have lost a couple of pounds. Ultimately, portion control is about eating less food so you consume fewer calories. If you’re now eating half of what you normally eat then you’re consuming half the calories and pounds will begin to come off.
weight loss tips portion control

Obviously what you eat matters, but if you’re just starting a dieting regime and you feel overwhelmed with all of the health and fitness advice from the “experts” this is a simple way to get the ball rolling. Once you see those early results you will feel motivated to keep it going and make even bigger changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Tip 13: Limit Salt in Cooking

Limit salt in cooking as well as check for hidden salt in your favorite foods. Other names for salt include baking soda, baking powder, MSG and soya sauce.

Tip 14: Know Your Danger Zones

If you know sitting in the kitchen is going to cause you to raid the pantry... leave the room. If lingering at the dinner table makes you long for dessert... vamoose! For example, don't use the kitchen table for other activities like paying bills if you know you can't fight temptation. (The cookie jar always calls my name when I'm busy crunching numbers.) Or, even better ... as soon as you've finished your meal, head outside and take a walk. Not only will it get your mind off of eating, you'll have the extra benefit of exercising!

Tip 15: Make Lunch Your Main Meal

Although they do this throughout Europe, a good explanation for eating your big meal at midday comes from ayurveda, India's 5,000-year-old approach to wellness.

"According to Ayurvedic principles, we're actually designed to eat the larger meal at lunch because our digestive 'fire,' called agni, is strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so we digest more efficiently," explains Jennifer Workman, a Boulder, Colorado-based ayurveda specialist, registered dietitian and author of Stop Your Cravings (Free Press, 2001). "I've seen people in my practice lose 5 to 10 pounds just by doing this."

Tip 16: Start With Soup

This Japanese tradition is one of the best weight-loss strategies. That’s because eating soup, particularly the broth-based vegetable kind, before your entrĂ©e fills you up so you eat less during the meal, explains Barbara Rolls, Guthrie professor of nutrition at Penn State University in University Park, and author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan (Harper-Collins, 2005).

weight loss tips eat soup first
A two-year French study of 2,188 men and 2,849 women found that those who ate soup five to six times a week were more likely to have BMIs below 23 (considered lean), compared with infrequent- or noneaters whose BMIs tended to be in the 27 range.

Tip 17: Don't Give in to Buffet Thinking

Do you suffer from buffet thinking? If the availability of more food items adds to your temptation level then, you'll have to answer "Yes.". A recent study suggested that the more food choices you have, the more you consume. Stick to a healthy variety of a fewer number of items and you may be less likely to overeat.

Tip 18: Don't Eat Out of the Container

Avoid eating anything directly out of the container, particularly foods that lend themselves to binges like ice cream or potato chips. It's virtually impossible to practice portion control when you eat straight out of a container. Plus, the experience of eating the food in and of itself will be different. As you eat from a container, you're likely to feel out-of-control, thinking, "If I'm being this 'bad' then I should just go all the way." You'll feel more in charge of your actions by eating one serving mindfully from a dish.

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Solange knowles: Looks Lovely With New Hair

So I'm perusing which I normally do and I run across this picture of Solange and Q-Tip and my first thought was how lovely she was:

Normally I think Solange is the funny looking, less talented little sister, whom you always have a little sympathy for because her older sister has taken over the world and hasn't left her anything to play with. But in this pic...she's lovely.

I have no snarky comments to make about her chia-dex outfit (chia pet crossed with spandex)...okay...maybe one snarky comment, but my point is...outfit notwithstanding she looks beautiful. Rather lovely.....Keep Reading The Single Black Woman

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Sexual Fantasy: Dominate Me

I don’t have a whole lot going in the way of sexual fantasies.

Sex in the rain.

Public sex.

Watching other folk get it on

But what I really like and am often afraid (ashamed) to admit is that I like to be dominated.

Not full on S&M to the point where I’m bloodied, bruised or in pain mind you. But enough to where there’s little doubt about who’s in control of the show…and I don’t want it to be me.

See, I’m a bit of a control freak in my everyday life. I’m super independent. I take care of myself and help with my family. I’m your all around post women’s rights movement “I don’t have to rely on a man,” type of gal. So, when I get in the bedroom I want someone else to be in charge for a change.

Now, this wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time I wanted to be the dominant one. I wanted to be in control of the situation, my man, myself, the whole deal. But that was a young girl who was power trippin’ and rather enjoying the new found power that sex gave me.

Fast forward some years and a girl got tired of always being in charge. Tell me what to do….please. Smack me around a bit. Tie me up. Bite me. It’s your show baby; I’m just along for the ride.

I believe it’s called being a submissive in sex lingo. Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean I lie there like a fish. I’m a very active participant; I just want you to prove to me you’re the man you claim to be.

I don’t to often share this little fantasy with many of the men I date. In all honesty, most aren’t up for the challenge. If they can’t handle me outside the bedroom, there’s no way in the hell they can handle me inside the bedroom. So, it’s something I keep to myself, waiting to find the right man that I trust enough to handle me the way I like to be handled.

I’ve got one now who seems to be u to the task. We will see. So you now you know my sexual fantasy. What are yours?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Saying "Only a Black Man for Me" Means You'll be "Alone and Lonely"

From a reader:
I read about that woman at another blog and if THAT is what she feels she has to do in order to find someone then that's her own choice.

I personally would not take that approach but everyone can/should make their own decisions about how to go about making their goals happen.

Many black women are unpartnered because they fail to understand that "only but a black man" mentality is the VERY REASON why so many of us stay unmarried for most of our lives.

The statistics are quite women outnumber black men in EVERY major city by six to one.

Ladies, there WILL NOT be one brotha for every sista. It is a mathematical impossibility.

Now that we understand the statistics we realize that we have to expand our options to men of other races. In order to expand our options, we need to become more aware of the norms and expectations that other cultures operate with and NOT assume that what's okay in the all-black setting will be how everyone is in all settings.

I believe that black women can find love but they need to understand that we have to break out of the fantasy and accept some of the reality. We need to become multicultural in our lives. It is not an option.

I'm not saying you have to go out and date a white man, but some of ya'll live in predominantly white neighborhoods, work at predominantly white jobs and only see other black people when you hang out with your friends and go to church and we all know most of the people in pews look like you...but ya'll are still hollering, "Only a black man for me!"

Come on.


Some of ya'll really having me scratching my head saying WTF?

Look, there is no need to be a martyr for 'The Cause.' You don't get brownie points for "keeping it real" by not dating out of yur race. And some of ya'll are so far gone that you won't even date men of the diaspora. Some of ya'll, when you say black, mean Black American and that eliminates Africans, Hatians, Jamaicans and other men of the diaspora.

I know so many women who sit around and complain about the numbers, but then don't want to do anything about it. So many women I know can run down a litany of reasons why brothers are the worst thing since the Bubonic Plague, yet when you mention the idea of them dating out they look at you like you just suggested they become lesbians.

Get with the program. Keep your options open. Go on a date. And see what happens. As we all know time stops for no man and if you're sitting around talking about, "only a black man for me," then you might as well be saying, "I'm going to be alone and lonely."

So What's the Real Reason You Aren't Married?

One lady has taken a very proactive approach to getting married with her site: 52 Weeks to Find My Husband. From her About Me page:

52 weeks 2 Find Him is a social experiment that focuses on a 42 year-old woman's journey to find her husband. It is an online documentary that is shaped by Neenah's actions and reactions, along with viewers' participation. What happens when a woman invites the world to become her dating coach? Each week, we invite you to tune-in and join-in by helping with Neenah's search, as she explores: the many methods of meeting eligible men, preparing for dates, and maintaining a healthy, romantic relationship.

Now I recognize what she's doing is extreme, but at least she's doing something. We can talk all day long about how there are no available black men, how they all date white women and how they are all in jail or on the down low. For me, however, that all sounds like a bunch of excuses. To me, the perceived issues with black men aren't really the problem. And mind you, I'm not talking about poor, uneducated women here. I'm talking about you well educated, professional sisters who seem to be successful in every aspect of your life other than romantically.

So once again I ask, what's the real reason you're single?

For those of you who don't want to be married and are happily single, I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about women who (in some cases desperately) want to be married or at the very least partnered up...why are you single?

I contend that getting married isn't that hard to do. Getting a boyfriend definitely isn't that hard to do. I do know that if you aren't proactive about either of the above then they become increasingly difficult to do.

My aunt, when she was 60 (she'll be 67 this month) got married for the second time. She met a man at her pinochle club meeting, dated him, and he proposed. Prior to this she had other relationships, all as an over 40 woman with a daughter in college (she had three other grown daughters) and adopting her niece's daughter who died in a car accident.

She is overweight, though shapely. She isn't light-skinned, doesn't have long her and her eyes are an uninspiring brown. She would best be described as a handsome woman, though she is extra fly. And, as far as I can remember she has always had a man...when she wanted one.

So, if my 67 year old aunt can be on her second husband and did so while being a single parent to a then tween aged daughter, why are you young, attractive, no children having twenty, thirty and forty-somethings having such a hard time finding, keeping and marrying a man?

Are you dating?
Do you have a life?
Are you waiting for God to bring you a man?


And I think if you're serious about finding someone in the 09 then you need to answer that question and then you need to do something about it.