Thursday, December 11, 2008

Signs of Life and Other Randomness

1. Yes. I'm still living.

2. The site redesign scheduled for the beginning of December has now been moved to the end of December. One of the companies I worked for messed up my money...sigh.

3. Strep Throat is a Mother. My boyfriend (yes, I have a boyfriend now...more on that later) gifted it to me. Nasty stuff.

4. Apparently I'm now allergic to penicillin. The encounter with the strep throat taught me that. I took one pill. ONE. I woke up less than seven hours later and was covered, everywhere (and I mean everywhere ) in what I thought was a rash and later found out was hives. It was a mess.

5. 50mg of Benadryl will knock your ass out in 20 minutes or less.

6. 800mg of ibuprofen is a wonderful thing.

7. With all the recession worries love, sex and relationships still dominate the topics of many blogs (hey, I'm billed as a relationship blog). I'm beginning to think we're a lonely, bitter people who have forgotten how to connect on a very basic level.

8. Finally, I will be posting some blogs that were originally written for another of my blogs, but since I changed the theme of that blog they are no longer relevant. So if you've read them before, my bad -- but if you haven't...they're new to you.

C-you soon.


drbopperthp said...

Good Goin' SugahGal!!! Now make that man buy you a vodka martini every damn day of the week!!!

clnmike said...

Hope you feel better.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hi JJ, So glad you caught that strep infection on time. It can have long term problems in some people if untreated.

Hope this new BF works out too, and just in time for the holidays when it's nice to have a companion. Maybe Santa will stuff a new one in my stocking... ;)

Sunshyne said...

benadryl is good stuff, just don't take em at work lol

and in this new world of technology (texting mainly) we have lost the art of communication