Friday, October 24, 2008

Jennifer Hudson's Mom Found Shot to Death

From E! Online:

Sources confirm to E! News that Jennifer Hudson's mother, 57-year-old Darnelle Donerson, was found dead Friday afternoon in a house on the South Side of Chicago listed in Darnelle's name.

Officer John Mirabelli of the Chicago Police Department tells E! that officers were called to the 7000 block of Yale Avenue in the neighborhood of Englewood, where just before 3 p.m. they discovered two unresponsive adults—one male, one female—who had apparently been shot to death.

The shooting is believed to be domestic, according to police. Various reports are claiming that the other victim was Hudson's older brother, Jason Hudson.


Our prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson and her family.


Ebony Intuition said...

r.i.p to her mother and brother and now nephew its been reported they found his body.

My prayers to her family

Eb the Celeb said...

My heart goes out to her... its so sad said...

Hey there!

This tragedy is just so very sad.

I hope it is a wake up call for black women EVERYWHERE that we can still examine more closely the standards we set for the men we choose to give our time and hearts to. Jennifer Hudson has to pay the price for the REST OF HER LIFE for the choice her sister made in allowing a man who was dangerous and mentally unstable into her life.

Sistas, the choice you make for who is lying in your bed AFFECTS more than just you! Julia's actions and the monster she chose to be with are the reason her own mother and child are dead. It's not just the murderer who we must discuss.

We must discuss what goes through the MIND of a woman who allows a dangerous man in her life...does she think he will change? Is she impressed that he carries a gun and has a criminal record? Is THIS caliber what she feels she has to settle for because she's from the ghetto and is overweight? Why? What goes through her mind?

I pray for the family in their time of sorrow and grief and I pray that our black women will remember this tragedy and re-think some of their choices in men.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!