Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So What If The O-Man Doesn't Win?

Today is the day of the Devil's Advocate.

What if the O-Man doesn't win?

While these days it seems less likely to happen (Bradley Effect is worth 6 percentage points, he's leading by 10 in most recent polls) anything is possible as we have learned from our most recent elections.

And ultimately, he's still Black.

And this is still America.

So, since passions are inflamed on both sides of the political spectrum and the Obamites are some of the worst (God forbid if yu don't think Obama is the second coming of FDR, Christ or Michael Jackson circa Thriller) is anyone prepared for the possibility that their guy might not win?

I don't really have a dog in this race. I'm not voting for McCain so there you have it. I've always thought Obama was too conservative for my liking, shuck and jive's a little too much for the white folk, and a little too dismissive of the Black plight in this country, but liek I said...I'm not voting for McCain.

And not only that, but whoever gets the current mess really has his hands full. Obama may surprise me. He may turn into FDR once he's in office. He may really make some real change that is desperately needed to get this country on track (notice I didn't say back on track). But I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway...once again I ask...if you'r guy doesn't win..what are you going to do?


Jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

He was not born int the US - thus is not qualified for presidency. Here is where I heard that

IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

If he doesn't win I can so see us reacting in a way that will make all white people look at us and say "see I told you them niggas was crazy". But I honestly don't think Blacks are going to get the immediate results they expect from a "Black President" the shit has hit the fan and splattered everywhere so he has a lot of cleaning to do before he can begin to try to fix our issues. There is a war going on, the economy is shit, the unemployment rate is sky high and the overall international opinion of this country is negative. He has so much to do it may take him 4 years just to finish all the shit W. left on his to-do list uncompleted. Right now I feel like I did on Y2K you don't know what's going to happen, you don't know how to prepare and the whole damn world just might blow up tomorrow but all we can do is wait it out and stock up on bottled water and can goods and pray.

Anonymous said...

Are u serious? Are the comments prior to mine serious?...
Im upset that I stumbled upon this blog for the simple fact that your thoughts, if I may be so nice to call them that..are border-line pathetic. Negativity, bad humor, and stereo-types, are the last thing I would think an intelligent african american would be writing about 2 weeks before the most important election in history...but then again who am I to think your intelligent???
I hope Obama wins because he would make a great president, him being black is just the icing on the cake.

IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

Don't you dare say nuthin bad bout Obama LOL @ the comment above

Girl you got some anonymous Obamites on your ass now.

Why is it forbidden to have an opinion on this man, nobody said he was a bad guy we're just speculating what will happen if he wins or loses.

JJ said...

@I am Me

Yeah. Folk get their panties in the bunch when you say anything negative about Obama. LOL.

I saw that coming.


What exactly are you annoyed about? That I'm not back-flips for Obama? That I'm not a fan f his politics?


The Cocoa Luv Chronicles said...

First off, I don't think that JUST because OBAMA is Black he should be making black issues his main focus. People, especially Black people are just so hard on him, what exactly do they want, reparations? I mean come on this the U.S.A and as much as we hate to admit, we aren't the only people here on earth. Oh darn it. I don't see how he shucks and jive. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson did the our people this and that schtick, he learned from that. They didn't get very far and nowhere NEAR as far as he has. Playing it safe might not be your thing and we won't know what he will do unless he is in the office. If he isn't in office come Nov. 4 god help us. I might just have to pack my ish and go to Nigeria with my bro. SMH at a McPalin administration

ed said...

Whether barack obama or john mccain wins, I'm still going to pursue my personal goals and cover my butt..

Neither candidates never addressed Wal-Mart/China role in destroying small businesses in rural communities. Neither candidates take seriously the infrastructure for our children to compete against kids overseas who are doing it hard. I know a 17 year old overseas that is tri-lingual and tri-lingual is the norm, especially in Asia.

ImitationAngel said...

Did everyone forget that Obama is only half black? So if the election comes to race either way there will still be a "white man" in office. I hate elections because no matter who is running they all promise things to get into office but once there they rarely follow through. This country does indeed need change but if Obama doesn't win it won't be the end of the world. It just means that people will have to change their lifestyles so they are able to survive with the times.

Ebony Intuition said...

"It just means that people will have to change their lifestyles so they are able to survive with the times."

This is something people should be doing all the time and not waiting for others who keep making promises but never do it.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

JJ, if Tarzan & Jane win the White House, you can buy me a Vodka Martini and watch me cry in it. ;)

Anonymous said...

First, to Anon:

According to Snopes, the claim that Obama is not qualified to be President because of situations around his birth is false.

To the larger question: Yes, Obama is too conservative for me. Yet I do believe he is one of the best candidates we've had in ages and I am gladly supporting him.

What I will do if he doesn't win will depend on many different factors, what was the popular vote? What was the electoral vote? What was the vote in other elections and how does that affect the makeup of the House, the Senate and State Legislative offices? How significant are the reports of electoral fraud? What is going on in the economy? What are other people doing and how is the media covering it?

Yet, I prefer to be a little more in the 'here and now'. Instead, I'll focus on making sure that as many people get out to vote, no matter who they support, and that there is as little electoral fraud as possible.

On election night, I will focus on making sure that the media is as accurate as possible, and do my part to cover the election from my blog.

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't win...I'm leaving the country

JJ said...



If Tarzan and Jane win the election I'll by both of us a Vodka Martini and will be crying right along with you.

The O-Man may not be my favorite...but i ain't crazy.

LaTease "Teasas Tips" said...

You know there is nothing wrong with playing devils advocate...I do it all the time. However, I have my fears that this country is not ready for any person of color to become their President...and maybe just maybe it's time we stopped looking at skin color, and go beyond that. But hey, what do I know, I read the Bible everyday and you know what they say about those that do. LOL...good post, you are getting lots of informed as well as uninformed comments.

feefifoto said...

Bite your tongue!

Kelly said...

i like that you're playing devils advocate. and i like that you're an outspoken black woman who isn't afraid to say that she's not a fan of his politics. sometimes i feel chastised b/c i'm not a fan of his. and the looks that my friend gets when she says the same are intense. like because she's black she's expected to vote for obama. i feel bad for her! so kudos to you for speaking up. i feel he's the better of the two candidates, but that doesn't mean i like him. like you said, i'm not voting for mccain.

ImitationAngel said...

Ebony you're right. People should be changing on their own and not waiting for someone else to do it for them but the thing is that is most people won't. Most will sit back and wait for others to solve all the problems for them.

Ori said...

sorry out of the topic,
But why most everyone always refer Obama as black and forgetting that he's also half white? It's a pity that colour is still an issue.

JJ said...


Obama looks like a Blackman, therefore he is Black. Race in this country boils down to you are what you look.

No one would know he was half white if he didn't tell them. Walking down the street you wouldn't go "Hey there's the half Black man."

He is perceived by uch of "misle America" as being Black and I would argue that his half-whiteness helped him in getting this far in the election.

It's a pity that colour is still an issue.

Comments like that always make me laugh...very kumbaya-ish.

brie said...

@ Ori...
If race was not an issue with you than you would not even have asked the question about why people always refer to Obama as black (and it is just like JJ said...he looks like a black man). Yes it is a pity that color is still an issue in this country and if you feel as such why even bother to ask why is he not recognized as half should not even be an issue with you, right?

Fact remains, when people say "I don't see color" the truth is they do see it. Let's keep it real folks. Now if one see color and have their racists views to go along with that that's you, however I can and do believe some of them will vote...not black, nor white, but green (money) other words, the best candidate to get us out of this mess that "Baby Bush" created. Regardless who wins...we all need to dig our heels in and get ready for some very difficult times ahead. Oh, and yes, I am voting for Obama and I do like him. Besides, McCain/Palin combination scares me. He is all over the place and Moose hunting Barbie I doubt can take on Washington.

Ebony Intuition said...

@ Ori
You obviously don't know the history of america, I personally do not refer to obama as a black man because he is bi-racial. But in america africans of the disporosa have been told for several centries that if a white person and black person produce and offspring that the child is black. I don't agree with this at all considering the fact that many bi-racial people are able to pass for european or any other nationality and not an african nationality. Everyone who is mixed with black don't always come out "looking" black at all or shall i say african.

JJ said...

@ebony intuition

Which is why you won't find me referring to Mariah Carey, Jennifer Beales and Rashida Jones (The Office) as Black.

They look like White women. I consider them White women.

And let's be real, bi-racial children didn't become bi-racial until White women started ahving them (and keeping them), prior to that they were Black.

Angry African said...

Yeah, he isn't the second coming. But, I am from South Africa originally and the message his election will send the world will give us hope. More hope than policy. Mine is a 100% foreign perspective.

If he doesn't win? Then I'll either move back home or move to Switzerland. Somewhere where politics make more sense. This shouldn't even be close. But it is because?

Ori said...

oot again :)
thanks @jj, @brie, @ebonyintuition
Ok I understand now.
I was asking that question, because in my country, whenever you are bi-racial, then we mostly will call them "indo" means "mixed-blood" or we call "indo-german" "indo-arab" "indo-american" "chinese-indonesian" etc.

@brie, because that's what I come across many times all over the net :)