Saturday, August 30, 2008

Distant Lover

Distant lover, lover, So many miles away, Heaven knows that I long for you, every night, every night and sometimes I yearn through the day.
- Marvin Gaye, Distant Lover

So I just asked my friend...turned better than cut buddy...turned long distance love...are we gonna make this official or not.

When I first moved he said he didn't want to do a long distance relationship.

Neither did I.


Once the I Love You's flowed...I found (find) myself in an interesting predicament of "Now What?"

His money ain't right he says.

I say so.

We don't live in the same city he says.

I say we won't live in the same city for at least the next if he is as serious about me as he says he is then we do it now or not at all (well we can still keep it causal but u get what I mean...)

He says he needs to think about it.

I say okay.

No pressure.

But I know if we keep in relationship limbo, when my Thundercat comes along (and he will come along)...there will be no second thoughts or guilt on my part...'cause...well..we'll just be better than friends...right?


clnmike said...

I can understand why he is hesitant, LDR are tough as hell to manage. You grow apart naturally.

Regina said...

Long distance relationships are very tricky and usually don't work...
Be sure that this is what you want, don't settle...

Gangstarr Girl said...

Long distance relationships are really hard and I personally, am not down with them from experience. My attention span and patience is just not there. So, you probably consider letting him go unless the two off you have solid plans to move to the same city (because it gets old after a while. But at the same time, just because a lot of LDRs don't work, doesn't mean that applies to all. So just be realistic about your particular situation and go from there. Ultimately, follow your while still being logical.

JJ said...

I'm not big on LDR's either.

But right now we only live 2 hours away. When he graduates this fall that's going to be 6 hours away.

If we can't make it work at 2 how we gonna make it at 6?

And lets be real...plane tickets are ridiculously expensive these days as well as gas.

We're always talking about the future in real terms not "what ifs" but when I was thinking about things I realized it would be at least a year b4 we could be in the same city.

And that's a pretty optimistic time table.

If he's committed to making it work , I will too...and I told him that BUT I can't keep growing closer and closer to him if we're just gonna keep it casual and not make an effort to be together.

We can still kick it but I'll know it's not going ot be anything serious and will actively date other people.

drbopperthp said...

The Doctor's Thundercat uniform am in da Korean cleaners - the same place Mr. Fall Graduate must be storing his courage and commitment and heart. If ya don't commit - ya fulla s**t!

JJ said...

Hi Doc!

Long time no talk to. You gotta a Thundercat uniform? When you geting out the cleaners? LOL.

Thought you said I was too young for ya:-)

Funny, I told him I was gonna start dating other people and he suddenly feels the need to make an LDR

Ahh...amazing what a little motivation will do.

Nu Jerooz said...

Ha!...yallz crazy!you know damn well when you tell a man you gon' cut off the snatch, ie. date other people we gonna tell you what you need to hear to keep the good stuff comin'!

JJ said...

LOL @nu jerooz

I didn't say I'd cut him off from the snatch...I just said someone else might have access to it. lol.

Guess he didn't like that. lol.

DirtyJerz said...

I know damn well he didn't like it!LOL You know we don't play that sharing sh*t! even with the side piece...when it comes down to a woman sayin' that she wants to explore other options...I may have to pull out the secret weapon>>>"I luh u, baby!" and let a tear well up in my left eye.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're trying to convince him to be in a relationship with you...if he really loved you, distance/money wouldn't stand in the way of committment.

JJ said...


U a mess. A BIG OL MESS! LOL. I don't have nuthing to say t that.


I'm not trying to convince him to be with me. I'm letting him know where I stand. if he ain't there then he ain't there but it definitely means I'm free to do as I please.

drbopperthp said...

The Doctor will respond to you in private as he does not want any of dese here nasty peeples (excluding Miz Regina) to know his bidnizz.

Anonymous said...

Long distance relationshiips are bunch of bullshit.