Friday, July 25, 2008

Quote of the Day

We cannot rely on "mainstream media" to tell our stories. PBS would have done a better job, I can't believe that they spent 18 months making this. I am sorry but I see a lot of black folks like Soledad bragging that they went to Harvard & Yale but I am not seeing any critical thinking skills being used. Our "talented tenth" is not so talented, they are part of the problem too and not just unwed mothers.
- Naima on CNN's Black in America


ed said...

Wow, someone said exactly how I felt about the series! And she held nothing back either!

I didn't even think the "Black in America" was worth my time discussing it. My biggest problem was I'm seeing just Black people discussing "Black in America", not other groups. I had a few Africans who voluntarily migrated to America tell me they should have been represented also but was not.

I agree, we need our own venues to speak our own message.

JJ said...

I didn't watch. For similar reasons. Why? What is CNN going to tell me about being Black in America that I don't already know?

U can't trust the mainstream media to do shit right where minorities r conserned.

yes said...

exactly why i didnt watch. im already black in america. lol that was so silly

if ppl are so curious about black people they should get to know some

i bet u wont see being white in america