Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Obama Over Clinton or Even Edwards?

If you identify as a democrat or just plain tired of Repub bullshit then you have three options to chose for President of the United States, two of them truly viable:

1. Hilary Clinton
2. Barack Obama
3. John Edwards

Edwards is effectively out as a presidential possibility but has a chance as a VP.

That leaves Clinton and Obama

The Clinton years gave us NAFTA, Welfare Reform, The Expansion of the Prison Industrial Complex and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

None of that was good.

If you look at her voting record you know she’s a fan of war, authoritative regimes and a buddy to big business.

None of that is good.

Obama is a relative new comer. He’s been on the wrong side of some important votes has more corporate money funding his campaign then I’d like and has been a bit wishy washy in his voting record but much of that has to do with his desire to run for President and not make any major waves ahead of tome.

I like what Edwards is saying but he still reeks of used car salesman and after four or five years of campaigning hasn't done much to affect the change he speaks of. Obama seems to be (overall) a decent guy AND possess the ability to bring disparate interests together and get something done that’s good for EVERYONE even though he seems to be light on the details.

Not perfect but good.

It’s a toss up. I know what I’m getting with Clinton and that Devil is one I DON”T WANT. In this case I’d rather roll with the Devi I don’t know.

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alyceclover said...

I had to make a tough choice today between Obama and Kucinich. I adore Obama, but he worries me at times. I do trust him and think he has the best interests of the people in mind. At this point in time he is the only candidate that has enough world wide respect to restore the US image globally and avert a global united attack against us.

I am hoping he is trying to woe the warriors in his stances that scare me.

So I marked my mail-in ballot for Obama. If the she-witch wins the Dem bid, I vote 3rd party~I heard Cynthia McKinney is running on the Green Party. I do not want to see a Republican win but I would rather die than cast a vote for Clinton.