Sunday, January 13, 2008

How Black are They Now?

Look who's playing the Race Card.

Why it's no other then the "First Black President's" wife (does that make her the first black First Lady?), Hilary Clinton. Jack and Jill Politics has been keeping a running tab on the various "isolated" racial slips of the tongue that keep coming from the Clinton camp.

After Bill Clinton's call to Al Sharpton's radio show regarding his "fairytale" comment regarding Obama's run for President, Hilary Clinton goes on Meet the Press to say how Obama has mis-characterized her MLK/LBJ comments.

Black votes ain't looking so secure now are they? This is what happens when you go giving folk Black passes but they then find themselves threatened by the very folk who worshiped them. LOL. How's your Black president looking to you now?

Someone get Andrew Young on the phone.


NightOwl said...

Just a note to say that I hope that your comment you left on where you said this is "what white folk do..." isn't meant to be as broad a generalization as it appeared.

Not all of us "white folk" are as easy to poke into some sort of racially divided stance, as the Clinton's appear to be working towards.

If you did mean it as broadly as it sounds I bear you no ill will of course and hope that something along your path of life gives you reason to believe otherwise.

clnmike said...

Lol, yeah to many blacks like to give out that Black Pass like its a gift card.

That said the Clintons latest moves I think are doing more damage than good.

Every one is seeing through the ploys and race baits. And they are slowly pushing whats left of young liberal white vote right into the hands of Obama. The young black vote is on lock. The trick now is to make sure every one shows up to the polls.