Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This Post Was Supposed... be about The Body who he is and what he's about outside of being just "The Body." Instead, however, it's going to be about how he just royally fucked up with me and as far as I'm concerned can be relegated to the 2am phone call slot.

So he gives me a ride to Publix today. Now mind you I could have asked any number of people to give me a lift to Publix but I asked him to see if:

A. He'd do it
B. Just to spend some not-in-the-house time hanging out and chatting. Trying to get to know him better.

So I get the car and with in 5 minutes we're in an argument (he says it wasn't an argument. whatever. a rose by any other name...)about his car. He made some comment about it being an SUV and I said it wasn't an SUV more like a bloated car.

Now I wasn't malicious. I really was just joking. And the next thing I know he's going off about how is car is an SUV and etc. Etc.

So I'm like, look is this really something to be fussing about? Is this something to argue about? He says no and we go on.

So then I ask him about football (He's aspiring (or is) a pro ball player). Why did I even go there? I made the mistake of asking if he was serious about it or how serious he was about it and he went on and on and on. Of course he's serious and he wrote a book about it (yes he wrote a book, how we already talked about this, and I don't remember anything, etc. etc.


My bad.

Must have mis-phrased my question.

Wasn't trying to offend.

Alright. So I change the topic and asked him about what's he trying to do besides play ball. Now at this point we are out of the car and walking into Publix. This turns into a big argument because he SWEARS that he's told me all of this stuff before (his internship at Ferguson. his mom's medical spa. and other stuff.) and I'm like no, you didn't. I didn't know any of this. This turns into an argument.

So now he catches an attitude and hits me with the:

I'm just going to stay in the car.


So I'm trying to convince him NOT to stay in the car. He's not having it.

At this point this little (well she wasn't that little) old white lady sees the exchange and says to me:

Oh honey it's a shame when you can't show your man off in the store.

I laugh and say he's not my man. We're just friends.

At this point The Body returns to ask me how long would I be and I say I'm not sure.

The old lady takes this opportunity to say to him what she just said to me and he hits her with:

I'm not her man. With such arrogance and venom that I'm taken aback.

It was so bad that a couple old Black ladies walking by stop and stare and the old White lady follows along with me in the store to say to me how rude and arrogant that was and that it wouldn't have hurt him to just go along with and smile and laugh it off.

Hell, I felt the same way.

The old White lady ends it with: Better you than me.



The old White lady had also said to me that she'd been married for x amount of years and her husband would have never, never done anything like that to her.

Thanks old White lady for rubbing it in.

I appreciate it.

So instead of doing the grocery shopping I had planned on doing I bought what I needed for the potluck I'm having tomorrow night and that's it.

When I got back in the car he was surprised to see that I was back so fast and I guess tried to redeem himself by pointing out the I like to debate and that he doesn't haven't time for that and that he is a grown ass man (he's 22) ad he doesn't have time for playing around (that was in reference to when I said that I was joking about the whole 'bloated car' thing)


This is why I say keep a pair and a spare 'cause you never know when someone is going to act a fool.

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orangemoon said...

This whole exchange was some unneccessary bullshit. You might need to tell him to grow up. Causing scenes is high school. Back to the last on the list you go.