Thursday, August 09, 2007

GH Strikes Again

I feel like I was super tried and I didn't even do anything to deserve it. Here's what happened:

GH and I have been chatting via Facebook. Nothing major. I just knew he was supposed to start a new job at the University so I was asking him how work was. Eventually we get to a point where he says,

Hey, hit me up tomorrow. I might swing by.

I say:

Well I'm here all day today so if/when you get a chance feel free to stop by.

He says:

OK. Will do

I say:


So, even though I realize it's not a definite "yes" he's coming over, I clean up my room just in case and simply because my room needed cleaning. I just had an incentive to do it sooner rather than later.

Anyway, I finish cleaning and I hear a car pull up outside. It's not GH's car but GH steps out of it. So I go downstairs to open the door and whatnot, (this is the part where I realize he knows my roommate's God brother who is staying with us and they chat it up) well, at this point, I realize a couple of things:

1. He parked in front of my house which is a no, no 'cause we tow 'round these parts
2. The car is still running

Neither of theses things are good signs that he's trying to stay and hang out. Not at all.

So he comes over and asks me if I have any Black Cd's.

I say:


He says:

Can I get three of them.

I look at him like:

Are you serious?

He begs.

I say:


And I go upstairs to get them. When I come back down to hand them to him after some more meanigless chit chat I ask him if he's coming back through here.

He then hits me with:


AND he says it with attitude. Like it's the most far fetched shit he's ever heard.

I then look at him like:

What the Fuck Nigga? You said to me you might come thru today. I didn't ask you to stop by. I didn't say "come hang with me." So don't hit me with a "when" like I'm speaking a foreign fucking language and that the question is just the oddest shit you ever heard.

I guess he noticed the look on my face because he went into what I call, Bullshit Mode, where he offers some bullshit ass answer to said question and all I here is:

Wah, Wah, Wah, Wah...Wah

To which I respond:

Yeah. Okay. Alright. Later.

And GH:


Now, can someone please explain to me why he dropped by my house to get a couple of blank Cd's? He coulda just asked me that shit over Facebook and I woulda been like yeah. Just come by and get them.

But don't look at me like I'm a fool 'cause I asked if you're coming over later after YOU SAID YOU MIGHT COME BY. You said that shit. Not me.

Anyway. GH is still GH. Lol. Some shit really does just stay the same.


Anonymous said...

You are such a dumb ass. Clearly this nigga don't want yo ass and you steady find the time to write blogs about how you miss him and shit. Get over it.

JJ said...

Okay who the fuck are u? It's my blog and if I want to write about someone I miss or like or wanna fuck or what ever...that's my fucking business. Fuck you!

orangemoon said...

And whoever anonymous is found the time to write dumb ass comments. I will never understand why some folks waste their time.