Wednesday, August 08, 2007


A little while ago I wrote a post about the new song Read A Book. In it I said it was done by Lil' Jon. Well that was wrong. I got that information from where I downloaded the video and it was very wrong information.

The song was actually created by a guy named Bomani Ahmer. It started off as a joke when he was talking to a friend and said he wanted to create a Crunk song. His friend told him there were three rules you had to follow if you were going to create a Crunk song:

1. It had to be repetitive
2. It had to be aggressive
3. You had to curse as much as possible.

And with that Read a Book was born. So I apologize for the error. However, to the jackass who left a nasty message in my comments: Kiss my ass. The hostilities were completely unnecessary.

You can find more of Bomani Ahmer's work at

Oh the song made it to BET when some execs caught wind of it online. Their newly founded (or resurrected) animation department was the one who handled the animation. That explains the big, gyrating butt. SMH. Leave it to BET.

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