Thursday, July 26, 2007

Read A Book? WTF?

Have ya'll seen this follishness that is Lil' John's new song, "Read a Book?"

Why I say? Why? What the hell was Lil' John thinking? I understand I shouldn't expect great social commentary from the man who gave us "Get Low" and "Get Crunk" but..but...Damn.

This is the best he could do? A big gyrating butt with "BOOK" scrawled across it? A stinky boy walking around who's so funky the sun went to hide when he walked by?


Damn BET's Hot Ghetto Mess---We [Really] Got To Do Better.



orangemoon said...

I was done after the "book" tattoed on someone's gyrating cartoon ass.

Anonymous said...

it shows how much your stupid ass knows. The song read a book is not from lil jon, so stop talking about shit that you don't know about.