Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Time For...

...something new. It's time for changes in my life in general, GH and my finances in particular. My New Year's resolution starts now, not on Jan 1, 2007. As far as GH....well I need more than this. This...whatever this not working. Not anymore.

You can't not call, or I don't see you for two weeks and then when you want to use something of mine (my comp, my TV) u make an appearance. I want a relationship. And as much as I have no desire to be celibate, I'm also tired of the "in between" the "what are we doing" sorta phase we've been in. You know: I want to say this, but you're not my man, so I don't say anything, for fear of saying the wrong thing and having you run for the hills, type shit.

Fuck That. I'm desirable. I have a plethora of men after me and at some point (hopefully) someone will come along that wants me as much as I want him. Fuck you GH. Yeah the sex is good but I can (and will) find good dick elsewhere.

Re Finances. That shit has got to get in order. Every damn semester I say I'm not going to let myself be broke by the end of the semester. Every godforsaken year I say I'm going to have money saved and not be counting pennies by the end of the year. Does this shit ever happen? HELL NO. Every fucking year I'm broke. I might do well for awhile and then some month comes along and it all gets fucked up.

This year the month was November that sent me crying to the poorhouse. A combination of Black Friday shopping (securing items for a Boston job interview) and my Mom. And in year's past my Mom has been one of the major factors in depleting my bank account. Since I can't really say no (I have zero balls where she is concerned) to her, I will start saving money directly for the phone calls that I know are going to come from Momma. I'll set aside money in an interest bearing account just for her. That she doesn't know about of course.

Financially the goal is to have 10,000$ in a high-yield money market account by July 31 2007. And by the end of the year 2007 (read December 31) to have 20,000$ saved. Not to be touched. That's the plan and I'm going to map out how I'm going to get there. Soon. Very Soon.

As far as other shit, I gotta get this weight off my ass. I'm fucking 20lbs overweight. Yeah you read that shit right. 20 fucking pounds. No that doesn't contradict anything that I just said about me being desirable. And no that's not why GH doesn't want me. He thinks I'm fine just the way I am. My weight is carried in my butt and thighs. I have no stomach and big boobs and a fairly muscular build. I look like a track star. And I am shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle (old ones. not new ones). So no, even with the xtra 20, I am still many a man's wet dream. And if you're now reading this thinking:

"This is one fucking conceited (and fat) Bitch."

I'd say:

"Go Fuck Yourself"

I'm just stating the obvious. I've been told this shit since I was 10. I'm 26 now. It is what it fucking is. And if it makes you feel any better, for all of my desirability, I still can't have the mothafucka I want. So there. So fat Bitches with men unite. U got one up on my sexy ass.

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