Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So What If The O-Man Doesn Win? Part 2

So what if the O-Man doen's win?

I asked this question once before. But since it is election day I'm asking again.

I know I've been quite critical of Obama these last few months and with good reason, but I do recognize that if he loses a lot of hopes and dreams of a lot of people will be dashed. And not like they were in 2004 when Kerry lost.

Obama has become a repository for all the hope and change many people feel is desperately needed for this country to get back on track. And I just don't see how folk recover from that kind of blow.

An Obama loss would be a blow I don't think the country would recover from. My friend predicts riots. I don't think their will be violence, but instead a real sense of defeat and hopelessness that can send a country already disillusioned and pessimistic into a downward spiral it cant get out of.

Here's hoping for an Obama victory.

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