Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Brings the Hood Out to Vote

So I early voted last week and while I was standing in a long (but fast moving) line at the courthouse, I noticed some folk standing in line to vote that I was pretty positive had never voted before.

For lack of better phrasing - The Hood was out in full force.

Yes, I know I'm stereotyping, but I don't feel bad about that, especially sense dude turned around and when he opened his mouth and all I saw was gold. Not even pullouts. But permanents.

At that moment I felt safe enough to say that he had never voluntarily gone to the courthouse to do anything, let alone vote.

Now his group was filled with the usual suspects: dreads, big braids, weave, blue eye contacts and babies on hips.

And while I may be stereotyping, once I was inside to vote one of the young ladies from the Hood Crew was in front of me and the poll worker yelled out "First time voter!," and everyone cheered.

See. I told you.

So while everyone else tonight will be looking at the youth vote and African-American turnout, I'm looking at the hood vote. I'm curious about how some of the more "rough" counties in this country turned out to the polls. How many of them actually braved courthouses and other unfamiliar precint settings (libraries anyone) to vote for the first time.

Feel free to let me know if you live in one of said counties.


ImitationAngel said...

Same stuff is happening here in Michigan. I'm not caught up in the election like most people are but this is definitely something to be talking about. I don't know if race or gender played a part but something got all these people out to vote. Let's hope they keep it up for future elections.

yes said...