Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Little House Keeping


Obviously I haven't started the Mistress Tales. I was supposed to start them yesterday , but now won't start them until next week. There is a lot going on in my offline life and I'm still working on re-doing a couple of my other blogs, so things are going to remain sporadic around these parts.

I'm going to do a postmortem on the election, but I am going to look and see what his cabinet appointments are going to look like, as they trickle in you'll here more form me.

I have couple of new jobs that are/have started this week so I will be doing A LOT of non-blog writing (well not for my blogs at least) as well some other work I've let fall by the wayside and I should be starting work on a book.

Yes you read that right.

Brown Sugar will be writing a book.

So, like I said there is a lot going on 'round these parts. Bear with during the transition and I'll be back to doling out the relationship advice (and other tidbits) in no time.

- Brown Sugar (JJ)


Angry African said...

Good luck on the book!

(Hum... Where did you get that photo of me?)

ed said...

Congrad on your new direction. let me know if you need any help from me. you know how to reach me.