Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama...So What.

It's all over the wires today that Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama. My inital reaction to said news is: so what. Who cares. Colin Powell lost all of his credibility when he allowed Jr.'s Administration to trade on his good name and go lie to the UN about the non-existent weapons of mass destruction that Saddam didn't have.

And after they had him do their lying, they treated him like a house nigger where all he could do was say "yes Master," 'cause they damn sure wasn't listening to anything he had to say. They shut him out and he allowed that foolishness.

And while I will be voting for Obama, I feel his politics fall into the same "safe Negro" vein as Powell's. At least Powell had the balls to talk about affirmative action at the RNC back in the day. Obama gave classes on how affirmative action wasn't the best of ideas. Let's just say I'm not holding my breath for Obama to do anything that would directly benefit Black folks in this country.

I'll settle for the symbolism that having a Black man in the White House offers...'cause that's bout all a Black girl is gonna get.


clnmike said...

I glad somebody recognizes this toothless lion for what he is.

Every one is running around like his endorsement was the last piece to the puzzle of Obama's election.

Anonymous said...

I think that Colin Powell's endorsement is significant. Especially for when it comes to getting more Black Republicans to vote for Obama. Because of his status in this country, he will influence several undecided voters to swing Obama way. In addition, Powell served his country the best that he could. Even though, he went along with the war (a terrible mistake that he admits). Pres Bush would not implement his plan to pursue Iraq. The media are selective in what they report. So you won't read about his plans nor will you read about why he truly resigned.

McAlpine said...

Colin Powell left a lot of people bitter, especially when he had refused to attend the "Slavery Reconciliation Convention" in Africa back in 2000. As a Secretary of State he had every right to attend this convention. It's also not fair to compare Obama to him by using the "house negro" analogy. Obama has a long history of community activism and involvement with the African American community.