Sunday, September 07, 2008

What's MTV's Obsession With Britney Sprears?

This was Britney's VMA performance last year:


So why did she get such a prominent spot on this year's VMA's? No. She didn't perform but she did get to open the show. And my question is why? What's so special about this chick?

Outside of the fact in the past year she's managed to clean up her train wreck of a life..I don't get what the big deal is. Why is MTV so pro-Britney? What the obsession?

Anybody got an answer?


Anonymous said...

first time commenter here sis :-)

on to the matter at hand.

i couldn't begin to tell you why mtv is so pressed over this chick, but i believe she is to white folks what beyonce' is to black folks. it's all crazy to me! no one person should be given that much consumer attention, but such is life.

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Holly said...

This is actually the first time I am seeing her performance from last year and wow...she looks so disinterested! I don't have an answer for you on why she opened the show or was allowed to open the show--Perhaps they thought she has given the public SO much entertainment over the last year that it would be a hoot to see just what she did if she was opening the show. I did not watch the VMA's, though, so really, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Denver Cereal - real place, fictional charcter said...

Gosh, I said just this last night. So many people would give their eye teeth for the kind of attention she just blows off.... And she's not that good!

Claudia at Denver Cereal


Amerikka is obsessed with Britney because of it's mainline ideology. They expressed it at the Republican saw it, "Cuntry First"...They found the fastest route to the redneck man's heart..the redneck woman!!!"CUNTRY First" So long as it's the white cunt first. said...

Hey there!!

MTV loves to showcase younger white women who are into pop music...of whether they are actually talented or not....

Yessss.... it's still a white girl's world over at MTV.


Little Pocket said...

JJ, you can ask that question ten more times and there still won't be an acceptable answer. They just added to the wackness that was this year's award show--ridiculous disappointment.

Ebony Intuition said...

The world is obsessed with dumb white girls . Yea I said it and What!!!