Friday, September 26, 2008

A Sex Life Interrupted

Living at home will kill your sex life.

Kill it.

My mother kept talking about how this was "our" house.

I said, "No. No house I can't get laid in is my house."

She thought that was funny.

I'm glad she did.

I had a sex life when I was living on my own. A good one too. I had inadvertently become a one man woman, but I liked him and the sex was good so I wasn't complaining. We were sexing it up only about once or twice a week, but that was mainly because of our schedules. I could only really see him on the weekends because of all the work I had to do during the week.

But now I'm home and haven't seen a penis in a about a month. And I'm not happy about it. I'm an everyday sex kind of girl (when I can get it like that), so a month might as well be a year.

Talk about stressful.

I'm just not as nice, productive, nice, happy, nice, when I'm not getting laid. I just feel stressed. Working out helps...but I'd rather sweat on my back (knees, standing, on my side) and in the gym...not either or. But getting laid at home was never something I did much of...just too many variables and a lousy choice of men.


I'd like to think I could break this logjam soon, but alas, unless I go on vacay, there will be no action for JJ.

I'm a sad, sad girl.


and1grad said...

Brown, dont these men that you want to sex up have places of their own?

JJ said...


I'd have to get out of my house to find a man who had a place of his own to sex up.

Not only that but my mom has rules like: don't come in my house at 3:00am.

And I'm like, "But I'm not leaving 'till 11:00"


Me saying, "Hey mom, I"ma be at such and such for the weekend." is gonna go over very well.

and1grad said...

I'm sure you can find booty in less than 4 hours. This sounds like an issue of time management. LOL

JJ said...


U a mess.

I'm not really looking to F*ck anything moving.

Getting laid is easy...getting laid by someone u're interested can prove to be a bit more time consuming.

AND I'd still have to leave the mother is always conveniently gone and that leaves me babysitting my sisters.


But if this thing stretches into six months I'm gonna be REAL grumpy.

and1grad said...

Getting laid is easy? Sonofabitch! lol...Oh wait, easy if you're a woman. IF you're a man, its the friggin Olympics and EVERYONE is in the ONE event.

Didnt know about the babysitting angle. THATS a problem. Maybe you should say you're 13 and go in chat rooms like those Dateline people do. Apparently that works.

drbopperthp said...

AWWWWW SugahBaby - take a break - buy some toys - get to know yo'self again. Remember, masturbation is sex with someone I truly love.

JJ said...

Aww Doc.

I can't get myself off.


I wish it were that simple...and besides, toys can't do some of the things I like to have done.


Angry African said...

Hum. Don't know what to say. Can't you organize a "business trip" with the guy? said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Hey there!! (waves)

Can this minister make a teeny suggestion??

Celibacy is an option...if a man stays interested when you don't have to open your legs to keep his interest then perhaps he REALLY DOES want to connect on a deeper level than the superficial and the mental.

Lisa said...

Hey there!! (waves)

Can this minister make a teeny suggestion??

Celibacy is an option...if a man stays interested when a woman is not opening up her legs to keep him excited and interested then perhaps he REALLY DOES want to connect on a deeper level.

Some women do not know HOW TO even sustain a long term relationship with a man without offering up sex.

I know many women who would say NO if I asked, "can you keep a man mezmerized without opening your legs?" And I think that is very telling...certainly worth examining.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

JJ said...

Hi Rev. Lisa,


That is a suggestion a minister would make:-)

But you assume I want the guy for more than sex.

Not to be so blunt since I am talking to a minister and all...I'm not really looking for a relationship...a nice (regular) romp with someone I can kick it with would be good,

I'm talking to someone I like...but we live in different cities and with his and my schedule we see each other about once a month, though we talk often

So unless or until we're back in
the same city we each are free to do as we please.

I don't believe you have to sleep with a man to keep his interest and my decision for sex has nothing to with keeping a man...It has do with me wanting sex.

Imelda said...

Dropped by here. I hope you visit me here.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Honey I feel for you.

ImitationAngel said...

I feel your pain. My mom says some of the same things. Although she can't leave me home babysitting (I'm an only child) she does have a way of leaving and coming back at odd times. This makes it difficult to determine how much time I would have to do "things" lol.

Phone Girl said...


When I was on my own, the joys of freaky, all day, spontaneous sex, now its not like that. I am admittedly celibate but even if I wanted to have sex, it would be hard when I have my sisters 1yr old running around...I miss sex, oh how I miss it. It's funny that I'm a PSO and don't have

yes said...

imagine ur mama sleeping on your couch in a one bedroom apt for almost a fuckin year!!!!