Monday, July 14, 2008

Cover of the New Yorker a "Liberal" Publication

So this is the "change" we've been working for? Mind you this isn't Fox News or National Review, this is The New Yorker, the bastion of limousine liberalness. Once again I say, with friends like these who needs Republicans.


Shelia said...

You ever notice how it's always "okay" for the mainstream, be they left, right, or indifferent to make offensive Black jokes? And it's always all good. All of the mainstream "get" the joke, so they have no clue why we are disturbed.

I love Chris Rock's joke about America for Black people being the "uncle that put you through college, but he molested you." That's the joke I get!

clnmike said...

(Reposting a response I have been putting up every where I see this.)

I think this much ado about nothing, this is the New Yorker's style they have done it before. The only thing you can blame them for is being late with it. The people who take this at face value were never going to vote for Obama anyway.

Everyone needs to lighten up.

JJ said...

Sorry mike...not this time. So satire can't be bad? It can't go to far? It can't be a way to get racist/sexist imagery out there under the veil of "satire."

The New Yorker was out line.

clnmike said...

I reference you to my post about it, I have been cramping my fingers responding to this.

K. said...

i need to read the story accompanying it. i keep seeing the photo but what is the context? they didn't execute this one well. it's sad b/c i think i'm becoming immune to this type of shyt b/c it happens so often.

Paul Eilers said...

"with friends like these who needs Republicans."

Now that is hilarious!

The New Yorker's magazine cover has several angles here. One of them is to sell magazines. And they do that by getting noticed/attention, whether it is good publicity or bad.

It's all about marketing.