Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dollars and Cents - The Soap Debacle

So I went grocery shopping the other day and I had $30.00 to spend. Yeah I said $30.00. Anyway, I needed some soap. But the O'lay I usually buy is $2.79 for 2 bars. And when I was looking around I noticed that Publix had a store brand soap that was $1.79 for 3 bars.

Now, I normally wouldn't consider a store brand soap but with my $30.00 I had to buy food to last a couple of weeks, a ream of printer paper, T.P. and soap; so a 1.79 for 3 bars was looking pretty damn good. Besides, Publix brand goods tend to be pretty good; from their Greenwise products to the canned diced Italian tomatoes, I can't think of a time that I've been disappointed with Publix brand products.

So the soap should be good right?


Oh how wrong I was.

I went home, hopped in the shower, popped open the soap and was hit by the funkiest scented stuff I've smelled in a long time. It was supposed to be "Spring Fresh." Yeah okay. If that was spring I wouldn't want to smell summer. Sheesh. That ish was AWFUL. And to make things worse it was so strong that it permeated my entire bathroom and my bathroom is tiny, so it was particularly awful.

Not only that, but the stuff doesn't foam. It's awful. Awful. It's like that damn Lava, a big block of funky smeling, non-foaming, green, soap. I couldn't take it, so the next day I went back to Publix and spent the $2.79 on my O'lay soap. Not only did I not save money, I spent a $1.79 more than I would have if I would have just bought my regular soap to being with. Lesson learned.

Sometimes. Just sometimes. You get what you pay for.


Andrea said...

I truly understand :) I had an incident with bathroom cleaner. But I think Publix will double coupons, so check out your Sunday paper for your fav brands coupons. I'm telling you, I have been saving quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

I have discovered my girl parts do not like off brand soap. I guess Miss Ma'am is more uppity than the rest of me. I learned that lesson the same way you did. Sometimes you just have to buy the name brand.

JJ said...


It's my face. Ms. Ma'am was okay but my face was like, "Oh Hell Naw!" Yeah. Not a good look.

drbopperthp said...

SugahGal you gots to put up the pennies for a special goodie fund. Da Doctor be visitin' WWW.LUSH.COM wit' hizz.

Bq said...

It was supposed to be "Spring Fresh." Yeah okay. If that was spring I wouldn't want to smell summer. Sheesh.

yikes, aw

Teddybear Sr. said...

wit a name like "publix" i would have already been weary...

Anonymous said...

Lava soap is not a body soap. This soap is widely used by mechanics to get rid of oil and grime after a days work.