Monday, May 19, 2008

Wise Words From Black Angenda Report

From House Slaves, Field Slaves and the Obama Predicament:

On the plantation, it is likely that many of the field slaves who managed to talk their way into the big house entered fully conscious of the likelihood that the humiliation they would suffer there would reach intolerable limits. Those contemporary field slaves who live vicariously through would-be President Obama, will be well advised to, like their ancestors, continue their journey toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with open eyes, and a frank realization that the presidency is not a political panacea - and possibly not even a palliative pill for the ills of America's African population. If we are to achieve genuine liberation, all political options, including revolution must not only remain open, but be pursued as though the world had never heard of Barack Obama.

And that's all I'm saying Black folks. Be happy that Barack has a shot at the Big Whitehouse. Celebrate it. Rejoice in it. But recognize that it doesn't change anything. Recognize that anyone who is willing to "abandon his pastor, ignore his community, commit to a corporate and Zionist agenda, and pander to bigots," will likely keep doing such if it means he will keep his job.

What do you think the flag lapel pin was all about? It was directed toward those bigots voters who have questions about Obama's "patriotism." Expect to see more of that. And the more of that you see, the more Black folks become the boogie man and the more Black pathology is put out there as the cause of our problems and not the systemic racism that confronts all Black people from birth.

Just be prepared is all I'm saying. Rejoice for Barack's presidency like you did for OJ's freedom but recognize -- it doesn't change anything.



Sad as it is JJ, you're right. There are no silver bullets for our problems as Black Americans or Americans as general. We try not to spaz out with all the garbage that comes in each news cycle, but we take solace in trying to control the things just ten feet within our own reach. I agree with taking NO options for liberation off the table. We can make with the "Dead Prez" references as u see fit...:)

The Breaking Point said...

Abandon his pastor? Seriously?

So ... he's supposed to run for president and align himself with a man who, if not a racist, certainly has an ax to grind with America? How would that work, exactly? He's running to be president of the United States, not of the black student union.

JJ said...

the breaking point - why r u arguing with me about this? You know we don't agree. We had this discussion on Ed's blog. We don't agree. And nothing is going to change that.