Thursday, May 08, 2008

See This is the Dumb Ish I'm Talking About

Obama vows to seat Fla. delegates




LOL...U know JJ, I just turned 33 on tax day, and Obama being my older brother's age, I always see them as having the same amount of savvy wisdom and sensibilities. I've read he hopes to net the "unsure" Jews and SMH "hard-working,middle class" whites of Florida and Michigan with his gracious jesture. The math may still work in his favor, AND allow him to be the good guy after blowing her back out thus far. Time will tell.......

JJ said...

I mean I understand the politics behind it but all his "graciousness" always leaves me with the impression of him capitulating anytime white folk say, "Boo."

On the other hand he takes the winds out of her sails if he's pushing Florida to be seated...its one of her talking points sent down the drain.