Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Gold Digger's Manifesto: How to Get Broke Off

Welcome to the Gold Digger's Manifesto, a step by step guide to getting the baller of your dreams. These lessons are geared toward women of color since your path to a rich man's pockets is different from that of your white or Latin sisters.

Today's lesson is:

How to Get a Rich Man to Part With His Cash a.k.a. How to Get Broke Off

First thing you need to understand is that a guy who leads with his cash, is doing so because he knows it will give him the pick of woman he wants. He's doing so with the expectation that he will have to part with this cash to get the woman he wants. So the first lesson in How to Get Broke Off is to NOT GIVE UP THE GOODIES FOR FREE.

I put that in all caps is because it is an important lesson to understand. Giving up the goodies for free and early, marks you as low class and stupid and not at all the type of woman he's looking to deal with.

So if you can't just sex the man into opening his wallet how do you get him to part with his cash? Simple. You have two options:

1. Don't give up the goodies. You let him know up front that you aren't giving up the goodies unless you all are together or at the very least until you say so. You let him know that if he wants some quick action than their are plenty of other chicks for him to choose from but you are not one of them. You let him know in no uncertain terms that that is NOT how you get down. Be firm and stick by what you say. No giving in because he looks good or kisses you the right way, etc.

Now on the surface it appears this may not work. He will just find some chick who is willing to give up the goodies. But wealthy men aren't used to being told no. They are used to getting what they want, so if they decide they want you they will work extra hard to get you. And not just get you, but to impress you and make sure you want them. Next thing you know the cash is flowing without any panties dropping. Nice.

2. Pay to Play. Under this scenario you let the man know up front that if he wants your time and attention it's going to cost him. You make it clear that the panties don't come off without some incentive and that incentive usually involves hair, nails, clothes, shoes, cash or some combination of all of the above. Once the initial transaction has been made, then you sex him well. And I mean WELL. If you do your job as well as you should, he will continue to lavish you with gifts and cash and you will continue with the good lovin'. The moment he stops with the gifts, you stop with the sex. He will understand and behave accordingly. It will be a match made in Gold Digger Heaven.

So ladies that ends today's lesson in How to Get Broke Off.

Next week: Why D-List Entertainers, Athletes are NOT the Business.

Until then, keep it real and keep it gold.


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clnmike said...

Uhhh really cant dispute those rules sounds fair.