Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dollars and Cents - My Bills

This is a comment from a reader on my post Dollar and Cents - I'm Broke:
What you should be listing is all of your bills. From cable to hair, then decide what you really can do WITHOUT. Why try to do a million writings with barely anytime for yourself when you can just cut your bills in half?

Here's the thing, the $1750 is bare bones. Here are my bills:

Rent - $655
Utilities - $150
Food - $150
Mom - $200
Credit Card - $20
Cell Phone - $65
Entertainment - $50
Total - $1385

Notice I don't have "hair" or "transportation" on the bills list. The reason I don't is because all of that is supposed to come out of the $50 listed for entertainment. I don't drive so gas is not an issue for me. My haircuts cost $15 and I stretch them to 2.5 - 3 weeks so I can save some money. And mind you $150 for food includes toiletries as well.

Also I have taxes I have to pay quarterly because I'm a freelancer. When I add in taxes the total I need to make it each month rises to $1750. My current gig pays $10 - $15 an article. I was working on a bid for the company I work for which would have payed really well but they ended up not getting the contract.

So there you have it. My financial life in a nutshell. Now if anyone sees anyway I can cut out the fat feel free to comment.


clnmike said...

Man that is a razor thin line your working on I cant see you cutting off that any more.

No wonder you put the goldigging post up.

t.s. johnson said...


The goldigging post was in response to some online convos and real world occurences. LOL.

Obviously its not my way of getting down or I wouldn't be in this position.

Damn ethics and morals *shakes fist*