Monday, April 07, 2008

A Plethora of Pennsylvnia Polls

For All of You Poll Junkies, here is a rundown of the latest Penn Polls:

April 6

ARG poll
Obama - 45%
Clinton - 45%

April 4

Pennsylvania poll
Obama - 38%
Clinton - 49%

April 3

Insider Advantage poll
Obama - 43%
Clinton - 45%

April 2
Quinnipac poll
Obama - 41%
Clinton - 50%

PPP Poll
Obama - 45%
Clinton - 43%

April 1
Survey USA Poll
Obama - 41%
Clinton - 53%

So there you have it. All that polling and we know absolutely nothing, with the exception that Clinton isn't leading by 20pts anymore. if you're wondering why I haven't been posting much about the race lately is because I'm burned out on this primary campaign. Barack Obama is the presumptive nominee. The rest of this primary is about assuaging this chick's and her husband's ego and keeping their power hungry dreams alive.

I will go back to talking about other things and will only talk politics here and there (like posting the updates from The Hillary Deathwatch)barring any major developments, until this primary season is over. I will however be on it for the General.

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