Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Someone Who Gets It - The Race, MSM, and the Complicity of the American Public

This is a poster from The Field Negro who puts this whole bru-ha-ha in perspective:

Well, as someone whose ran in local politics before and worked as an congressional intern can say this, nothing short of a dead hooker or a live boy is going to keep Obama from getting the nomination short of Clinton/Rove dirty tricks. If the worse people can say is that your preacher is crazy says that your enemies are really on a fishing expedition.

As Christopher pointed out, what does reverend wright have to do with the litany of issues he listed above. Or Sean Bell here in New York? Or the cost of getting a college degree? A big fat nothing. And so long as Limbaugh, O'Reilly and the rest of these blown dry, combed over mannequins have jobs, its going to continue to be about nothing.

The problem for FOX News and CNN is in terms of corruption or moral quagmires, Barack Obama offers a big fat nothing. He has no love children, no known mistresses, no drug abuse (beyond experimenting in HS and the occasional Newport) and no really shady backroom deals like the Borg Queen or the Crypt Keeper. You just have a really smart, church going Black guy in his mid 40's who actually might want to change the world.

Nope, the worse they can say is that his pastor is one part Malcolm X and one part Yosemite Sam. Or that, gasp, any Ivy League educated lawyer might be smarter than most of the shit kickers in the Midwest.

As MacDaddy said, this is all shit shined up and called gold by the MSM. Yeah, Obama could have have showed a little more backbone and told the FAUX talking heads to bugger off. And Wright could have kept his mouth shut, enjoyed fishing on Lake Michigan and lied low until the election was over. Both were right and wrong in what they did, but its really not about them at it this point, its about how our media keeps us distracted on nonsense.

The MSM needs dirt on an otherwise squeaky clean guy. If they couldn't find any dirt they'll just make some. I'm suprised they didn't try to Wesley Snipes him and say he didn't pay his taxes will getting a professional from a crackhead on the South side.

Remember if the last PA debate where the 'O' man snapped and ripped into George the Judas for wasting 45 minutes on Reverend Wright and lapel pins? That's the problem, to really debate about issues not lapel pins, phantom Bosnian snipers or 5 minutes YouTube remixes of an 7 year old sermon would knock the Borg Queen, the Crypt Keeper and maybe even the O-man out of the race.

If this were about issues and not about bullshit it would a Kuicinich, Edward, Obama three way race on the Dems and the Republicans would be down to Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. And we might actually hear some Green or Libertarian debaters. I might actually care about watching the debates instead of watching CSI or playing Xbox.

But to demand that a change in politics is to demand change in the people. The American people would have demand intelligence and dedication to truth from the Media. It would demand Americans knew more about politics and people who actually run the world and less about the NBA playoffs or American Idol.

But, then again, I wish I were a little bit taller....

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