Friday, March 07, 2008

My Sentiments Exactly

From Angry Independent via Jack and Jill Politics

I have to agree with Baratunde on the point regarding Whites not understanding what we are talking about... Especially at Daily Kos.

They don't have the built-in radar that we have (which can only come from years of living while Brown in America). Radar that is able to pick up on all of the nuances and behaviors related to racism and race baiting used by the Clintons and by the Republicans.

I am also glad that there are other bloggers who see what I see and I don't have to explain every detail. I can also relate on the issue of rage. Clinton has short circuited my brain over the last few days.... leaving me damn near terms of not being able to really concentrate on writing...

My head has been pounding too.

Finally today I was able to start thinking straight again.

(You can even see how Obama has been rattled a little).

You hit the nail on the head Wednesday on NPR's News and Notes.
I was saying Amen when the issue of media bias was mentioned.

The media is clearly trying to help Clinton.

Even today... I have yet to see one major network report that Obama actually won more delegates out of Texas. I have yet to see a major network mention that Clinton only managed to gain a small handful of delegates (single digits) out of the entire night... when she really needed to gain 20, 30, or 40 delegates.

How in the Hell is that a huge victory? It's all about perception.
And they are spinning the Hell out of her wins.

I have yet to hear the big media mention the fact that just 4 or 5 weeks ago... Clinton was leading in Texas and Ohio by very large much as 20 points... None have given Obama any positive coverage for the way he was able to close the gap to be competitive in States that he was never supposed to win.

Instead...they turned it around and made it a huge failure for Obama...despite the fact that these were States that Clinton was supposed to win all along.

I'm rattled....but not by Obama's perceived losses...but by the way the White corporate media is framing events....and by how they are assisting Clinton by essentially using her talking points and by not scrutinizing her the way that they scrutinize Obama.

I'm also rattled (but not surprised) by the racism amongst the electorate... I expected that all along. That's why I never thought Obama had a snowballs chance in Hell- The U.S. is a racist nation... that will likely never give a Black candidate any real chance. But what really bothers me is how the uneducated voting public in some of these States is falling for the Clinton bull.

I think racism is beginning to trump the "Change Theme". And this is why the Clinton's have been using the issue of race. Yes...people want change...but Clinton is reminding them that Barack is "The Black Guy" and that "Real Change" is not worth that kind of risky "roll of the dice". And what kind of "change" with the d*mb inexperienced n***er bring you anyway?

And once you plant seeds of doubt about a Black candidate in White voters... it takes on a life of its own. The doubt about Black people is already in the White brain....It is built-in; it simply needs to be triggered or turned on. And Clinton understands this and is trying to exploit it for all it's worth.

Barack will be damaged from here on out.... the question will be... to what degree will he be damaged.

It appeared that he lost some White voters in Ohio and Texas... So the racial nonsense is really starting to take a toll.

It will probably hurt him in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oregon, and other places... even in Mississippi and North Carolina. But he should win enough of the remaining States to stay ahead in delegates. Wyoming will be interesting. Mississippi will be interesting as well... I want to see what percentage of the White vote he gets in both States.

I sat down and wrote a battle plan for Obama (If only I were a strategist for him). Clinton is so vulnerable in so many ways.... Unfortunately... Obama has no political attack dogs who could ruin her candidacy. They are too soft.

I could ruin her candidacy in about two weeks if I had the right pulpit.

I completely understand. I've been so pissed the last few days I couldn't see straight. I haven't been this angry since Katrina. I'm tired. I'm pissed.

- I'm pissed that the bar has been set impossibly high for Obama.

- I'm pissed that every time this woman says she's going to deliver a knockout punch to Obama and she fails it's spun as if Obama didn't deliver the knockout punch to her.

- I'm pissed that the party allows this woman to stay in the race even though she lost 12 contests in a row and didn't deliver on her big "firewall" wins and can't surpass him in delegates

- I'm pissed the media allows her to determine what races are important. And then claims Obama needs to do better at "managing expectations."

- And I'm mostly pissed that the Democratic party, as loyal as we've been, can allow us to be called a nigger time and time again by one of the potential democratic nominees, not do anything about it and then expect us to "come home" to the democratic party should she win the election.

Bottom line: you teach people how to treat you. The Democratic party can be foolish if they wanna and allow Hillary Clinton to stay in the race and continue with her scorched earth tactics. If the Dems want to besome as relevant as the whigs, so be it.

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Baltogeek said...

You said it!

I'm pretty fatalistic about things nowadays. I think Hillary will succeed in stealing this thing.

Too many folks are just fine with the idea of Obama as VP.

If that happens my black ass will be at the elections board the next morning to register as an independent.

Hell the way things are going I might do that anyway.

I'm sick of these fools.