Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why White People Just Don't Get it Part 2

This was the response on one of the "progressive" blogs to me saying I won't be voting for Hilary Clinton if she wins the democratic nomination:

JJ -

Gee, thanks for your racial strawman of the "have you stopped beating your wife" type.

Either I agree with you, or I'm just a dumb white man who doesn't get it because of my lack of racial understanding of the black experience. And worse, given my background, I must be genuinely obtuse not to see what you in your wisdom are seeing. Thank the Gods I have you and your buddies to show me the truth.

JJ -- I'm not blind to a damn thing the Clinton Campaign is doing, and I include here, and I especially include here, both the Big Dog, and their surrogates.

But it's a LONG way from there, to go as you apparently have, to claiming the Clinton campaign has turned racist. Wow is that a loaded word. I don't think you said it. But I sure as hell listened it, in everything you said and are saying it.

Is that not the claim you are making? If not, be clear please, that is what I am listening in what you are saying. And while people can not be responsible for every damn fool's listening, I am a careful and responsible listener, and I am listening to you with a great deal of care right now, as you deserve as a honored reader of GNB. So be clear, this is what it is I am listening. If this isn't what you want me to listen, please change what you are saying. Clarify your remarks. Do something.

A campaign can do really really stupid things in the heat of battle, trying to win, getting down in the muck. Including play the race card, without being racist. I don't believe either Clinton, Hilary or Bill, is racist. That does not mean I don't think the actions of their surrogates and Bill himself especially in SC didn't suck.

If you don't think the Clinton's are willing to play brutal hardball politics -- and has -- you weren't watching when they let 500,000 Iraqi children die. Was that racist? More so than what the Clinton Campaign has done against Obama.

This is Presidential Politics.

Finally, it was the US Supreme Court, in the end, after all the Nader bullshit, the Florida official vote counting horseshit, the Al Gore incompetence which would have made everything else moot, the illegal suppression of the vote in Florida to the tune of over 50,000 documented votes, after EVERYTHING else, it was five Republican Justices on the Supreme Court of the United States who violated their oath (read the Vanity Fair article for the ugly details) and stole the election, ordering the counting of votes be stopped. And yeah, Al won.

THE SUPREME COURT IS THE WHOLE BALL GAME, which means the White House has to go into Democratic hands this cycle. Has to.

I've lost count of how much more damage the Supreme Court has done in the last seven years, especially with the latest two Bush appointees on the bench.

If you truly -- not simply because you're upset -- don't think there is a major difference between the Justices a President Clinton would appoint, and the Justices a President McCain would appoint, starting with abortion, social welfare programs, moving to affirmative action, and continuing right down the line, then yeah, I think you're a nut-job. And not up to serious analysis. That you're someone so overcome with emotion, that while I appreciate you telling me what you're doing, I'm not going to argue with you, because you live in an emotional world, not in one where logic, strategy, or long-term thinking matters.

You're cutting off your nose to spite your face. That's plain nutty. It's not paying attention to what matters, and what matters, is getting a Democrat into the White House.

Also JJ -- if you think for one moment you have figured out who I'm personally for, who I've been for, or who I'm likely to be for... you don't.

What I'm pointing to here and in the articles I've been running, is that supporting the Democratic candidate, even if you have to hold your nose and vote (in your case, for Clinton), is still enormously better in terms of overall outcome to the communities which deeply matter to you, than voting for (or letting be elected) a Republican candidate.

And you should know that. You got your feelings miffed. Enormously. Which I understand.

But the difference in this between a pro such as myself and you who are not, is pros keep our eye on the ball. And the ball here, is everything which gets delivered when our guy is in the White House v. everything we lose when their guy is in the White House.

Keep your eye on the ball.

This is from the blog owner of a "progressive" blog. Yeah. I don't think I need to say anything else. I think it fully speaks for itself.

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