Friday, January 25, 2008

The Shit Has Hit The Economic Fan Part 2: They Got a Stimulus Package

So they managed to come to an agreement and settled on a $150 billion stumulus package that will help those making less then $75,000 and couples making $150,000. Democrats managed to make sure that people who pay little taxes will get a check since that wasn't in the first package the Bushies proposed.

Checks will range form $300 - $1200 and an extra $300 per child with a cap set at $1200 dollars. There are also a lot of big tax breaks for businesses. Checks are expected to start going out in May since the IRS is already going to be slammed for tax season.

What do I think about the "economic stimulus" package?

I think the shit is hitting the economic fan. And the best thing folk can do for themselves is prepare for a really bad recession/depression. The good times are OVER. It's gonna get ugly in the next year or so. "Cause like I said in the previus post on this topic: governments to go giving away free money when the economy is okay. A Republican administration no less.

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