Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now We're Down to Two

Well, by now you now the Edwards candidacy is no more. Now the question becomes who is he going to endorse if anyone?

First I'd like to say that I'm sad Edwards is out of the race. I think ultimately he helped bama but more importantly he was the only one really talking about poverty and America's "Two America's."

However I'm not that surprised that he didn't catch traction like so many would have liked. I mean he reeked of used car salesman and after all he was an ambulance chaser. And then there were these issues:

His campaign paid for two $400 dollar haircuts, an instant source of mockery from rivals and late night comics. Between his first and second presidential runs, Edwards took a consultant job with the hedge fund Fortress Investment Group, earning a salary of close to half a million dollars. While Edwards worked for the company, a subprime lending division of Fortress moved to foreclose on homes of Katrina victims.

Yeah. that doesn't always play so well with the po folk.

As far as the endorsement is concerned my personal opinion on this is either he endorses Obama or no one at all. I just don't think he has any credibility if he endorses Hillary the force of "status quo." But there is a lot of conflicting information surrounding an Edwards endorsement and his role in any future administration.

From ABC's The Note

Obama told ABC's Terry Moran on Tuesday that he asked Edwards to endorse him, in a private conversation.

"There is no doubt that I would love John's support, but I also respect the fact that he is in this contest," Obama said in a "Nightline" interview that aired Tuesday night, with Obama praising Edwards as a "formidable candidate."

However it was also reported (in the same article) that Edwards people had been trying to have a dialogue with Obama's folk but to no avail. They were effectively rebuffed. (funny it was also in ABC's The Note earlier but now I can't find the link. Hmmm...).

From Ramussen Reports - Attorney General Edwards?

Illinois Democrats close to Sen. Barack Obama are quietly passing the word that John Edwards will be named attorney general in an Obama administration.

Installation at the Justice Department of multimillionaire trial lawyer Edwards would please not only the union leaders supporting him for president but organized labor in general. The unions relish the prospect of an unequivocal labor partisan as the nation's top legal officer.

Edwards has stated unequivocally that he doesn't have any interest in being anyone's VP. But Attorney General? Eh. Who knows. I'm looking forward to the next fews days . They are sure to bring some fireworks.

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