Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lying Adulteress Quits

Christine Beatty, Mayor Kilpatrick's paramour quit today:

In a letter to Kilpatrick that was released by his office, Beatty said she believes she can no longer effectively carry out her duties. Her resignation takes effect Feb. 8.

"I painfully regret the devastation that the recent reports have caused to the citizens of Detroit, to my co workers, to the Mayor's family and to my family and friends," Beatty wrote in the letter.

Kilpatrick spokesman James Canning said the mayor's office had no comment.

I wonder if she thought she couldn't "effectively carry out her duties," when she was having all those clandestine rendezvous with Kilpatrick?

Or maybe those were her duties.

No word on Kilpatrick's resignation yet.

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