Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton Leaving South Carolina to Slick Willie?

In S. Carolina, it’s Obama vs. (Bill) Clinton
Sen. Clinton deploys husband as she shifts her attention to other states

Facing formidable support for Senator Barack Obama in South Carolina, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is deploying former President Bill Clinton there while she shifts her attention to campaigning in states with nominating contests next month and to raising money.

The strategic shift intensifies a new dynamic in the race: Mrs. Clinton’s campaign this week in South Carolina is essentially running Mr. Clinton against Mr. Obama. The two have been engaged in a war of words, with Mr. Clinton accusing the Obama campaign of voter coercion in the Nevada caucuses, and Mr. Obama saying on Monday that Mr. Clinton had made comments that were “not factually accurate” and that his advocacy for his wife had grown “pretty troubling.”

Mrs. Clinton’s advisers cautioned that she was not writing off South Carolina, which has a Democratic primary on Saturday. It is the last place where Democrats will compete before Feb. 5, when more than 20 states hold nominating contests. Continue Reading

Unlike New Hampshire Clinton isn't so sure she can make up the difference in the polls since roughly 50% of the primary voters are Black. Because there are so many Black folks involved in the primary contest the Bradley Effect may not be in play and the polls may actually represent the likely outcome of the race (currently polls have Obama with a 10 point lead). Maybe.

So while simultaneously lowering expections she dispenses Slick Willie to do her campaigning for her in hopes Black folk will think Bill is running for president again, not his wife. Well I won't say it's a bad move and I can understand with 83% of of Black folks going for Obama in Nevada and her equally dismal showing with Negroes in Michigan she might be concerned.

So we'll see what the Black folk of South Carolina do. And let me tell you how incredibly happy I would be if Black South Carolinians handed the Clintons their hat and frog marched their asses out of the state.

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The Breaking Point said...

I am a bit anxious about South Carolina. If Obama doesn't win there, his campaign is in hot water.