Friday, December 07, 2007

Ladies This is Why You Need an Education


This is Angel Lola Luv. Reigning Eye Candy of the Year for XXL, this month's King Magazine cover girl and poster child for why women (Black women in particular) need to get an education. There has been a big controversy on the internet on whether or not her ass is fake (it is) but a better question would be why do women think being a video model is a smart career move?

Let's face it, a big butt and a smile are easily acquired and diminishing assets. "The Industry" chews these girls up and spits them out every year and there are always any number of girls who are pretty and fine just waiting for their chance to be next in line to be used up. Not only that but unless you secure a rich husband (think any white super model) your value decreases greatly with age (think Vida and Ford) 'cause no one is really checking for the 30 year old video model.

And no, everyone is not going to be Karrine Steffans. Regardless of what you think of her she has managed to turn her strippin', video "modeling, hoin' past into a multi million dollar business. There aren't too many video girls on the scene who are going to be able to do that. Most will fade into obscurity after being used and abused and probably have little or no money to show for it.

Look...if you got it and want to flaunt it...fine...just have a plan that involves investing some of that money you make into a business, an education or hell some speech lessons so when you do interviews you don't sound like you just stepped right out of the hood.

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Brother OMi said...

Ase to all of that. its sad but so true. Karrine Steffans is a drop in the bucket. the ill thing is that all that karma is going to catch up to her sooner or later.

man i am so out of touch with this (don't read XXL). lol