Monday, November 12, 2007

I Love New York - Spoilers and Scandals

I don't watch this show. I personally think the woman is evil incarnate and VH-1 needs to be BITCH SLAPPED for putting the show on air. But I did get an interesting e-mail the other day regarding the show and since it seems like much of what is being said is currently playing out I thought I would pass it along. So here goes:

E-mail 1:

Well, well, well. Seems like one of our faithful
> readers has got the inside scoop on the new season
> of I Love New York. Here's what they say will happen
> in the next couple of weeks:
> I was workin for VH1 production team up until last
> week when I went on to a better job. Anyways I had
> the opportunity to watch all 12 episodes Of I Love
> New York 2 and enjoyed it very well! I run my damn
> mouth too much and can't keep anything to myself, so
> i MUST tell y'all what's gon' go down in the rest of
> the show with eliminations! I will not reveal the
> winner though! Well, here we go:
> *As you saw on tonight's show, Tailormade said they
> think pretty is gay. Well Pretty WILL reveal that he
> has had a relationship with a man once in life and
> didn't like it, knows that being gay is a sin, that
> he wants to be straight, and he feels that New York
> will be the perfect woman to turn him back that way
> again, which is why he was on the show! PRETTY IS
> *Midget Mac Loves New York and New York Loves Midget
> Mac, but New York becomes TRUTHFUL and reveals to
> him that she KNOWS she will not pick him in the end
> and that its time to get down to the wire and spend
> time with guys who fit her type and have potential
> to win her heart and be with her....MIDGET MAC IS
> *IT is definitely a freak with Miss New York, but
> this time he gets a little too freaky and says the
> wrong thing to New York. She feels very disrespected
> and violated of her woman rights....IT IS NOW
> *New York hasn't really spent much time with Punk on
> the show, she likes him yeah, but it seems like he's
> more interested in being the instigator of starting
> shit between and with other men in the house to get
> attention and TV time, other than getting it with
> her, New York is not feeling that at all! PUNK IS
> *The Entertainer is really an Entertainer! This is
> not the first TV reality show he has appeared on. He
> was featured on two episodes of Blind Date and the
> old TV show Love Connection. New York was also not
> feeling his desperate quest to find love on TV, or
> was it his quest to get 15 minutes? THE ENTERTAINER
> *Mr. Wise was terrorized and spit on by Tailor Made
> in the 4th episode, and this time although Tailor
> made doesn't hit him, he damn sure pisses him off
> and a hard ass push can really do alot, as he does
> it to Taylor Made. WTF? [N WORD] you knew the
> consequences! MR. WISE IS NOW ELIMINATED!
> Wolf was definitely the underdog, but he is also a
> Cutie and one of the most handsome men on the show,
> I guess New York can see that! He's also very
> respectful to her and Sister Patterson, unlike the
> other men in the house, He done something on an
> episode that made New York cry and fall in love,
> wait until you see!!!....
> Tailor Made was a potential winner from the
> beginning, he's a snitch, rich [N WORD] with money,
> and New York loves that! He ain't going nowhere
> right now......
> Chance, We All Know chance! It's like New York on
> FOL2 Deja Vu all over again! he's still insane and
> they definitely belong together!.....
> So it's Chance, Wolf and Tailor Made, huh??

E-mail 2:

Well it looks like we may have all been had.
> Renaissance Black Woman has learned that VH1's hit
> series' Flavor Of Love and I Love New York may have
> been staged. At least that's what a person claiming
> to be an insider is saying on VH1's very own message
> board.
> The most explosive allegation that the poster made
> is that both New York and Sister Patterson are
> actresses - and that the two are not even related.
> The poster also claims that New York used to work as
> an exotic dancer.
> Here's the shocking post:
> I have been watching this nonsense for a couple of
> weeks and I can no longer stand the stupidity. Yes,
> the show is fake.
> The scenario is that the show was concocted to
> appear to be some sort of dating show, but the
> "contestants" signed up for something entirely
> different. The girls on the show signed up for more
> of an "acting contest".
> The concept, initially proposed by William Drayton
> aka 'Flava Flav', was to have a show which would
> appear to the viewers to be a 'dating contest', but
> in reality would be an competition to find a
> suitable 'match' for a money desperate Drayton after
> Brigitte Nielson declined to appear in another
> season of VH1's "Strange Love".
> The winner would be the woman who could best 'act
> like' Drayton's perfect other. Someone with antics
> bizarre enough to hold the interest of the viewers,
> and who could also feign love for the virtually
> unlikable Drayton.
> In layman's terms: A group of young (and not so
> young) Hollywood fringe hopefuls signed contracts to
> appear on a televised acting contest, vying for the
> coveted position of phony reality show 'girlfriend'
> to 'Flava Flav'. The prize included a guaranteed
> reality show (Strange Love) and monetary
> compensation.
> The long and short of it: "Flavor of Love" is the
> WWF of dating shows.
> To further perpetuate the absolute ridiculousness is
> their choice of thespians to play "New York" and
> family. Surprise! No, they're not related. No, Mr.
> 'New York' is not the owner of a fortune 500
> company. (If you were foolish enough to believe this
> you likely need your head checked...what
> millionaire, country club thoroughbred has as
> uneducated, filthy and tragically cheap a child and
> as deranged and unkempt a wife as he has on the
> show?)
> Miss 'New York' is actually Kenya Simmons of Newark
> New Jersey. Never heard of her? Well, it's not
> likely that you would have.
> Simmons, a former exotic dancer, has shown up to
> many a reality show castings. (I work for Fox). To
> add hilarity to the stew, she was rejected thrice by
> "The Bachelor".
> Simmons is not the only television hopeful who has
> shown her face at numerous open call castings.
> The actress (and I use that term loosely) who plays
> "Mrs. Michelle", New York's mother, Leslie Bibbs, is
> not only of no relation to Simmons, but once stood
> in the same cattle call line with her at an open
> call for a B.E.T reality show.
> Another amazing tidbit: Bibbs and Simmons are only 5
> years apart in age.
> I've never heard much about the actor playing Mr.
> New York, but my friend seems to think he works at
> VH1.

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