Monday, October 15, 2007

What was he Thinking? T.I. Get's Aresseted on Gun Charges

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)
-- Rapper T.I. was arrested on federal gun charges just hours before he was scheduled to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards, according to federal authorities.

The entertainer, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was arrested in a federal sting Saturday after his bodyguard-turned-informant delivered three machine guns and two silencers to the hip-hop star, according to a Justice Department statement.

Authorities said that Harris, 27, provided the bodyguard $12,000 to buy the weapons, which Harris is not allowed to own because he is a convicted felon. Court documents said Harris was convicted on felony drug charges in 1998, and a federal affidavit said he has been arrested on gun charges in the past.

However, one of his attorneys, Dwight Thomas, said Sunday he was not aware Harris was a convicted felon and that "a number of people" live in Harris' suburban Atlanta home. Thomas added there were "two sides to every story -- sometimes three" and he was confident the legal system would work in Harris' favor. Click to Continue

Two machine guns and three silencers? WTF? He palnning a raid or something? Got some niggas to kill? I expect more from Mr. Clifford Harris. He's not a dumb man. So what the hell was he thinking? And who the hell ratted him out?


orangemoon said...

Didn't yall negroes get the memo? That wasn't T.I. That was T.I.P.

For real, SMDH.

JJ said...

U stupid..LOL.