Monday, October 15, 2007

Tiny Also Arrested?

Bossip is reporting that Tiny, T.I.'s longterm girlfriend and baby mama, was also arrested this weekend on drug charges. They are also saying that T.I. had gotten into a big fight at Body Tap, a local strip club, the night before.

Maybe the guns were to "settle" the previous nights dispute. SMH. It just gets more and more interesting. I guess the fact that they have 50 ids between them never crossed their minds huh?


orangemoon said...

WTH? Boy, I tell you, the key to a relationship is to go to the strip club with yo man... and get arrested together. I figured one of them had to have some sense... and since she is the senior in this relationship, she would be it. Shoot, I guess not.

OK, I get the illegal possession of firearms bit, but where do the drug charges come in? They got caught with some recreational drugs too?

JJ said...

Ecstasy and Weed apparently

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