Friday, August 17, 2007

So My Sex Guy...

...calls himself trying to make amends. Also known as get some ass.


Dude hits me up Monday or Tuesday via IM and is all chatty and shit. He then says to me,

I'm on campus so I can come by if you're free.


So, I'm like,

Naw. I'm busy. Sorry

He's like,

You can take a break and find an hour for some sex.

I'm like,

Naw. I'm busy.

And the conversation continues in that manner. Now, when I was trying to make amends and asked him to come over to show him how sorry I was his response was,

Well, I don't know about today but yeah, we can make that happen.

And you know what, he didn't come over that day. That's was like a week or so from when he got around to asking me if he could come over. And it wasn't like when I asked him he wasn't on campus (I live near campus) so he could have come then if he wanted to.

But I guess he needed to be the one asking. I also guess I was supposed to drop what I was doing and service him?

Once again I say, WTF?

That was his first attempt. He's tried a couple times after that initial conversaion. Dudes. Boy I tell ya. Well he can forget finding his way back to my bed. He was just the Sex Guy afterall.

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