Friday, August 10, 2007

So I Call Myself...

...trying to make amends with my sex guy. I wish I could say my motives were pure, but they weren't. While I was trying to apologize for the mean stuff I said to him a couple of weeks ago (completely taken out of context mind you) the real reason I was trying to make amends was rather simple:

He's my sex guy.

If I'm not sleeping with him then I'm not sleeping with anyone and we all know how much I like celibacy.

Anywho, I haven't been successful. Apparently dude has decided he wants to play hard to get. I guess he calls himself trying to man-up after the rather sappy display he showed a couple of weeks ago when it became obvious that I had hurt his feelings.


I mean what am I supposed to say? After a few well executed lays I'm supposed to profess undying love just because you caught feelings? SMH.

It seems like dudes always have answers when it's the girl who's feelings are on display but when it's the other way around, they have to go run off and lick their wounds and then turn into Neanderthals as they try to salvage their wounded pride.

Note to Guys: Don't front like you're King Dingiling and Mr. Player/Pimp when in reality you're a sad sap who's ready to wife someone up when the pussy gets to good to you.

Sorry for the vulgarity. But it is what it is.


chipazoid said...

Bah! I hate when guys are like that, and it's true too. The toughest men really are whiny little bitches, they just put on a show to get you in bed or in front of their friends but if you know them better, instant dryer.

JJ said...

LOL @ instant dryer. Great description