Saturday, May 19, 2007

You Know, I’m Really...

...tired of all the hoopla surrounding hip-hop these days. First Imus blames his insensitive, sexist, racist comments on rappers. Then Russell Simmons calls for a ban on three bad words. Now Fifty Cent is comparing hip-hop to a mirror on urban black life.

What do I have to say to all of that? Bullshit. Contrary to popular belief hip-hop, in its current incarnation, is not responsible for all of the sexism and misogyny in the world. Nor is censorship in any way shape or form necessary to “save the music” and contrary to popular belief, hip-hop is not representative of all urban youth culture.

The problem with hip-hop is not that it’s sexist, misogynist or violent. The problem with the music is that, these days, just about the only thing that gets airplay is sexist, misogynist and violent.

90% of hip-hop that plays on the radio is much of the same: hos, bitches this, shoot’em up bang bang that and for good measure throw in how nice my ride and how fat my wallet. Not exactly inspiring the masses to greatness now is it?

You want to save the music? Bring diversity back to the genre. Once upon a time you had 2 Live Crew, N.W.A. and Ice T. But you also had Arrested Development, Digable Planets and Public Enemy. Throw in a little Wrecks N Effect and Digital Underground, you could be a gangsta, a social activist and get your party on all in the same musical form. It just didn’t get any better than that.

Nowadays it’s one note, the same song, with many different artists. No wonder everyone is saying hip-hop is dead. I say, bring back the diversity and the music we all love will live again. And once that happens, we can finally stop talking about the Glory Days of Hip-Hop and start living them.

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IdentityQuest said...

Sad, to say lady, but Hip Hop as we knew it, is dead. I wish it weren't true and giving some hope to the possibility it might not be dead, it's definitely on life support with a 10% chance of survival. This generation of "Hip Hop" stars are brain dead. And , I'm sure you know, but if the brain is dead, the body essentially can't function ... so, again, Hip Hop, is pretty much dead.