Friday, May 11, 2007

So I Call Myself...

...attempting to make a career as a writer. Not all at once mind you, just step by step. The goal is to have $500 a week coming in from writing gigs by the end of the year. And I really thought I was on my way. I applied for this job that had all these steps:

Step 1: Turn in your resume and writing clips
Step 2: Sign a Non-disclosure agreement
Step 3: Write a sample article following the enclosed style-guide.
Step 4: Sit and wait and pray that you get the job

Well it was Monday when I completed step 3. Haven't heard anything yet. But in all fairness, the original e-mail chicky sent, she did say that she would contact people within a week of submitting their sample article. It's Friday. So hopefully I hear something today.

I really do need this contract. Not the least of which is because I'm jobless right now. I need it for my self esteem. Yeah you read me right. I mean, they're supposed to be hiring 200 writers. You mean to tell me that I can't manage to be hired out of a group of 200 writers. Come on. I'll feel like such the loser if I can't get a job that would have me being 1 of 200 writers. My loser status would have been signed, sealed and delivered, should that happen. Here's hoping.

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