Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mine And GH's Relationship... done. You can put a fork in it. I just can't do it anymore. This time things were different. I recognized they were different and I'm sure he did too. I mean...we were fine. FINE. We talked regularly. I saw him regularly. We were really enjoying each other's company. We were good. And then he ups and disappears on me for no reason, with no explanation. It just makes no sense.

I get that he didn't want a "relationship." Hell, I wasn't asking him for one. I realize it long stopped being about the sex. I'm sure he realized that too. But if he was feeling a little scared or trapped or suffocated, he should have just said something. We're adults. I'm 27, he'll be 27 in July, so we're both old enough to talk about what's bothering us and not just react. Anyway, none of that matters now. I'm done. At this point he wants back in my life (read: my bed) then he will have to earn his way back. No more passes. Those days are over.

And if he doesn't wish me a Happy Mother's Day I'm going to really be pissed off.

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