Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Lesson Learned... is: There are other men out there. And they like me. So take that GH (not like he cares). It's not like I didn't know this. It's just when your head and your heart get wrapped up in someone it's hard to see the forest or the trees. That said, I did see GH in the gym today. He was looking a little No seriously he was looking like a little boy with that beanie on his head.

Outside of that I talked to some old gym friends and made a new one, who we will call Island Boy or IB for short. I don't know whether he is from an island or not but he has that look about him so that's what I'm going to call him. He's cute. Has pretty eyes. Is tall and fine. Not a bad deal if I say so myself. Now whether or not it leaves the gym remains to be seen but it's early, at this point any thing is possible...Here's to new acquaintances...Cheers.

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