Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Week That Was

1. My ex seemed to think by telling me how, "people can change." and "for the better" no less, that that would inspire me (or at least want) to get back with him.

Let's be clear: I'd rather have an infectious disease than get back with him.

Are we clear?


2. Boredem is a muthafucka.

3. I've been binging on Oreo cookies. Totally fucking up my diet. Why have I been binging? Loneliness, boredom, horniess...take your pick.

4. Am I just destined to be alone for the rest of my life? The guy I like seems incapable of calling. He may or may not reappear this week. Hell I'm just tired of damnit caring.

5. I called things off with GH. And managed not to sleep with him in the process.

6. I had a cute boy in my bed and DIDN'T sleep with him.

7. I got a cookie for 5 & 6.

8. I'm really tempted to say to my roommate, "No, really I'm not a ho. I know there have been 3 different men on the couch in 48 hours, but I didn't sleep with any of them. No. Really. I didn't. I SWEAR!"

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